List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoenix

Please list any ideas you would like to see us work on. We are always looking for ways to improve the shard.

List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoenix

Postby Picxie » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:40 am

Hello guys,

I'm looking for your feedback to improve Neverlands Phoenix.
I would like you to list, in a simple sentence, straight forward, and honest way, the 5 things (can be less but not more!) you most want to be added/changed/removed.

Example (just to give an idea):
    1- Fix the X bug;
    2- Add item X, it would improve the fishing/mining/pvp/pvm;
    3- Remove item X, it's not needed/it's unbalancing the game;
    4- Implement X system;
    5- Staff should change his behavior on X.

Keep in mind this 5 rules:
1- Keep it VERY simple: no more than one sentence, we're not doing anything yet, we just want to organize ourselves and have an idea what the community want/need;
2- Discussion is not allowed and will be removed, like I said we're only looking for feedback and we're not doing anything yet. The discussion part will take place later;
3- Constructive feedback: things like "fix all bugs" will be ignored or removed. Be specific!;
4- Flaming at any kind is not allowed and will be removed on sight;
5- Use common sense, be really sincere, chances are more than 50% of you feedback here is going to be implemented. So anything is allowed (ex: Wipe items), but don't post stupid ideas (ex: We should be able to fly).

Why would we need this? Well, we need to focus on what's more important for Neverlands Phoenix, and who's better to tell us that than the community?
Thank you.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby yvesson » Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:00 pm

Precast shouldn't last forever but like 5s,
Maces should not damage armor, not drain stam but drain mana,
Easier monsters should drop regs like before (ratmen, lizardmen...),
We need more skills synergies,
Add some PvM bonuses to certain weapons or material against certains type of monsters.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby unk » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:53 pm

1 - New site/forum style, could look so much better and inviting if the effort was there(could elaborate on this a lot but i'll keep it at that)
2 - Fix daily rewards so that they actually work if you login every day(or if you stay online as well)
3 - New login screen for the client, current one is the wrong size or something cause it's stretched and looks bad
4 - Repopulate the world/dungeons with classic monsters(seeing way too many that are simply re-named, recolored and tweaked)
5 - Do something about the hundreds or thousands of sea serpents that get spawned and stay on the map. People other than fishermen use boats.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Ergoth » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:20 pm

I think the following changes would be good for the shard:

1-We need some easier dungeons for players who does not have their skills maxed
2-Ingots, for example, granite, should be allowed to put in house plans, not just plain ores
3-Begging should be implemented back
4-Add chances to use skills below 125, like with cooking, stealing or begging, where only 125 is worth to use
5-Keep improving and working on the shard like youre doing, keep up the good work :D
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Eliran » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:36 am

alright lets start with the good stuff that you already put ingame or upcoming as much as i know:
1) vendors work with bank checks
2) remove all neon stuff from the game
3) rechange dungeons and back using more of the original monsters instead of the new ones.
4) upcoming thunter quest
all this are great.

1) Wipe to fix market, why:

now what i look forward to?
ive seen it all since the beginning of the original nl, in my eyes there are no major changes that has to be done since everything is running smooth, more skills are useable and actually wroth using compare to the old days, we got the housing plan system which is great, vendor system great, dungeons will be soon be perfect as i predict so really from the player side this is actually one of the better times to play on, thanks to chad who is willing to fix any issue minor or major on the spot.
so were living in the NL heaven ? sadly the answer is no.
ive been away for the last 2 years since chad transferred the shard and now back playing for 3 weeks now. for me as a player marketing was always a big part on my neverlands experience buying,selling,trading all i can. so I joined and noticed market is totally dead, no merchants so almost impossible to get materials in order to build a house, jewel market is dead since everyone got everything and you will only find a few players whos sitting on tons of gold and will buy tiles for excessive prices. this is just a few examples to get the clear picture that the market is what we call dead and as it now its going to get worst as far as we progress unless we get intervention from the staff side.
so lets talk about WIPE, yes wipe we had them since the early years, all kinds of them, full,partial,bank,house. ofcourse there was always players who raged about losing their belongings and threatened to quit the game, but the majority of them didnt or came back soon after. fact is wipes of any kind has helped in the past, but this is ofcourse on times with no player base issue.
so lets say we come to a conclusion that some wipe is needed, we will have to consider two points:

1) ask ourself if we are willing to take the risk of losing players of our current playerbase? could we stand it? or this might be the final end of neverlands on all his eras.
as I see it we are closing to a point when we soon got nothing to loose playerwise and it will come sooner or later, but this is up to discussion so ill end it up here with my 2 cents.

2) if we reached this point that means we decided were going for wipe, now well have to decide what kind of wipe and what are the consequences of it.
this is also up to discussion so again ill just put my 2 cents.
full wipe. yes , start blank with the current chars we have, on the blank server I would edit all monster group loot that we have ingame and reduce the gold drop by around 50%, also reduce npc payments by 50% so basically i would slow gold gathering by around 50% as it now, as I see it even on blank shard with everyone got the skills and the knowledge the average player capable of gathering millions in no time by thunting or selling crafted items to the various npcs so why not slow the progress. also consider with so many years running without any wipe there are loads of money and items created/gathered illegally by players or by corrupt past staff memebers all that was sure helping to reach the current days market situation.

remember there is really none to blame on the lack of player base, our old players get older and tired and new ones wont join an 20 years old game, nothing new here.
we players and staff doing or trying to do the best for the shard we love so much.
neverlands been a great home for me personally on and off since the early 2000's, got so many memorys me and my friends who are long gone from here will always bring up and I assume sooner or later ill be gone from here once again.
until then I would rather end the nl era while trying than letting it die slowly as now.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Black Spike » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:29 am

1. The daily reward system. I have been playing every since it is introduced. But I'm at day 2. Make it, if your ingame and the timer runes out, you also get the reward. Also at a timer? there no way to know now. sometimes i random relog in the hope to get the reward without luck. Please update this system. The idea is good but it only frustrates now.
2. remove "neon" color old ores that are not ingame anymore. I see chest and armors etc around. Its not neverlands style. Neverlands was always from the normal colors.
3. I think the age system is not working anymore. It made scene when people could not do afk. But since Im back i haven't shut down my pc at al. Just to train and get age. i think we should not at extra skill point if your for example 400k age. It is not special anymore, people just leave there PC's on without playing the game. I think we should make a standard age/skill cap or leave it as it is not with a max of 240k age(witch everyone already is?)(the effect is the same) Macroing age is BS.
4. New kind of tourneys. For example Boxing / chicken fights something fun and new to lough about.
5. Ore and special effects. I'd love to see some effects on now not used ores. (for pvm) Now everyone uses Sili in the pvm. Maybe ad something like not losing stam to macers?(pvm only) or dragon breath does only half dmg. Its only usefull agains dragons. So would only be usefull in destart. Something like that.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Mr Merch » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:00 am

1) Making dungeons an easy walkthrough to other levels just means that any spawned or respawned lately has just been a waste of time. When you can run straight through to the boss to kill it. you'd might as well just keep them empty and spawn a boss on the first level. If the goal is to only kill the boss to go through to blackthorn, why do anything else in the dungeon? making players fight through the dungeon is what needs to happen. Each dungeon should have its own specifics to get to the boss, not just hey lets run to this boss so we can go to blackthorn. A lot of problems with current ingame progress is that its easy. The only easy process should be skill gains. PVP OR PVM should be hard no matter what level you are. There's plenty that can be done from t hunting dungeons ruins and graveyards. There's that many spots all over this map that everyone can be included in.

2) Everyone who complains about items and no economy, there isnt enough players to condone a wipe. Stop bitching theres to many items and go out and get your own shit, The reasons people have a lot of items is because they went out and got them all and not bitched and complained about not having them. Wipes are for shards that carry 100+ daily. the most ive seen online at ONCE was 31 in the last month.

3) Simple fixes! lets start with logging in, the antics message everyone gets when they first login about it not working. Why do we have this message? Delete it. .powerhour still has no messages, there should be more messages when using this command. For instance instead of you have already used your powerhour change it to you have to wait x amount of days before you can use this again. when you activate it it says you have activated your hour of power, include gains will increase by 20% for the next hour - so people know whats happening. Magic food, nothing happens when you eat it, not even a normal hunger message from everything else you eat. this needs a message like= your hunger is now perfect.

4) The jewel exchange, why is it giving out 2 jewels in return? you should be trading in 2 jewels for 1 not swapping jewels around. This should be fixed immediately. its also giving out to much of other items, the quantity of the items to be specific.

5) stop implementing new stuff and fix everything else first, and before adding new things to do think about how you can revamp older stuff. T hunting for a start, the system is perfect but look at the spawns. Visual changes to be more specific like hey i havnt seen that before how do we kill it.

6) House plans. Since its now 6 years of nlp and theres houses everywhere and a low player base with next to no economy, you should consider all house plans materials amounts to be lowered, not only consider lowering the amounts needed, start at 50% less materials needed for houses. it may seem drastic but why not? why should someone spend a month to get the house they want? no one should have to spend that time and effort just for a house these days.

7) All Axes should become poisonable again and keep the LJ bonus, the pvp will be awesome and something new for players to either train or learn to counter.

8) Meteorites? has this been improved at all? revamp it.

9) Automatic events like egg hunts or monster scavenger hunts. how awesome are monster scavenger hunts? Chad used to own making these, they took hours and were a lot of fun.

i kept it under 10 so dont complain.

Now i know first hand how time consuming this all can be, but focusing on the smaller things first and making sure everything is finished and working is more important than flooding new material. The shard doesnt need new ideas just revamp over new and finish whats in. Other than that the only thing that should be worked on is bringing players here. pretty much i have no need or support new ideas at this time, revamp revamp revamp.

For the players. Stop bitching! seriously fucking complaining about the stupidest shit all the time. Mace fighting shouldnt damage armour? WTF! thats specifically what it does ffs. why would it drain mana? thats what mana drain is for. Sea serpents in the ocean so fucking what thats where they live, its no different from running into ratmen and lizardmen in the jungle.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Euforia » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:09 am

We must be discussing how to let the shard attractive to bring new players, how to encourage noob players to stay, last week i saw a few new players but they didnt continue, why ?
we dont have economy, i may train every merchant skill and stil not get any gold with because make jelws is impossible and when u do it comes a lesser, good, glorious, (snooping, detect hidden, etc) bs not give any gold because everyone already has, also for tailor etc etc.

1: have economy: turning jelws easier and also rares so we could have some balanced economy, old players with new players.
2: boats also should sell in any npc, i didnt find anyone selling it (is crazy).
3: library in the website is a mess, since 1 month i dont know for sure all ingots, i see bloodrock in the houses, spectral, dragon, marble etc but library says everything different.
4: Increase the marketing of the shard i mean seriously we need new players, announce the command .vote, add the uogateway banner on the website, announce nl phoenix on the uogateway and everything else.

p.s sorry for some english mistake, also sorry if i hurt any one, i want to see nl greater again.
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Vincent » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:28 pm

well, most of the stuff i want to talk about r being looked into, but here it goes
1. full wipe !
2. skill sinergies, and those that r ingame being looked into... I dont see much warrior with alchemy, or using the LJ bonus, cause its just not wroth it atm
3. warrior skills. Like double swing for sws, fast strike for fencing, disarm on wrestling etc...
4. .vote reward
5. trading system for rares ! like 100 lvl 1's for something, 100 lvl 2 for other thing, etc...
6. .party back in!
7. Neon Colored stuff... mehhh erase it!
8. arrows on lower level monsters
9. you stop healing urself when u open a thunt chest, wtf?!
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Re: List the 5 things you want the most on Neverlands Phoeni

Postby Picxie » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:52 pm

Just a tip: Don't focus too much on other opinions, even if it's already pointed out I really advice to write it again.
The more the idea is enforced, the more it is needed right?

Thank you all for the replies, here's some feedback:

Currently working on:
1) We fixed the t-hunt crash bug, should be working, tell us if it's not asap with the thunt number;
2) Repopulating dungeons with more classic NPCs and kept new NPCs on new dungeons. We also removed item requirements to access dungeons last levels. We'll improve a thing or two;
3) How to deal with Seaserpents;
4) Removing neon Items;
5) Website, should be done in the next weeks;
6) Listing all items on Neverlands;
7) Improving the daily reward.

We're gonna work as soon as possible:
1) Add ignots to house plans;
2) Remove the antics message on login;
3) Add info on .powerhour and .afk and perfect food;
4) Evaluate the possible bug of healing while opening thunt chest (first time I've heard this);
5) Implement .party;
6) New kinds of torneys, I can say that we've got 1 or 2 awesome ideas;
7) Enable Begging;
8) Automatic events;
9) When the website is done, we're gonna discuss what do to with the library.

We're gonna discuss:
1) Jewels exchange giving 2 jewels instead of 1;
2) Meteorites;
3) Easier monsters to drop regs;
4) .vote system, maybe with rewards;
5) Boats, how and where;
6) House plans considerating new players;
7) Improve some skills lower than 125;
8) Age system;
9) Weapons/quips PvM bonuses;
10) Poisoning axes with LJ bonus;
11) PvP improvments (double swing, fast strike, disarm on wrest);
12) Skill Synergies.

Great feedback guys, really appreciate it!
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