Monster Bash

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Black Spike
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Monster Bash

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Hello Everyone,

Sunday 21 may Ere hosted a monster bash event. Rules where pretty simple and fun. Do not attack other players and work together to kill the Liche King.

Lord British was in trouble. Brit was getting attacked from the graveyard. There was a evil Liche King who look over and summed a waves with enemy’s. The 1st wave was skeletons with Liches. Try killing 10+ liches who al cast at you the same time ;) So that’s there the teamwork came in. Splitting them up and kill all the liches and skeletons. This is where the 2nd wave hit us. This was huge wave with Liche Lords. This is where it got pretty hard.

then I was away for 15 min because the pizza arrived(A)

After that the Liche king was trying finish us himself. It was very fast and hits very hard. It Casted things like FS and EQ.

After killing it we saved brit from the evil Liche King and we got a reward for helping.
Here are some Screenshots of the event

Wave One! And the Liche King

After the event where we got the party and a reward

Everyone had to say 1 number and got a bag with that number. this was the reward.

Thanks for the event, i had fun :D
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Re: Monster Bash

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nice to see activity! i've been absent myself (last month or so). but i will play as soon as i can!!
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Re: Monster Bash

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I saw this post only now :D thank you for the event description and screenshots :D
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Re: Monster Bash

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