Event and Tournament Denial


Event and Tournament Denial

Postby Ffrasa » Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:56 am

Since there is allways some players that cant follow simpel rules or just want to destroy for every one else when it comes to event and tournament. from now on all players to defies rules or doing other stupid actions will be added to a Event/tournament denial list. any player on this list will be denial to enter any event and tournament. note that this up to each staff if they want use this list when they are hosting a event or tournament.

reasons that can get your name on the list

-Attacking players when you are not suposed to.
-Loging out in the middel of a event or tournament, and not reconnect.
-Wanting to leave after the event/tournament have started( if you are not sure you got the time, then dont join at all).
-Complaing about how bad or stupid a event/tournament was in chat etc (if you dident like the event and have to complain about it, then you will prop not care anyway if you cant enter it anymore).
-Any obvious idiotic actions.
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