Sunday 29th events list


Sunday 29th events list

Postby SenDogg » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:54 am

After the moonlight there will be a tinkering event, 1vs1, head basketball and a scavenger hunt throughout the day they wont be in any sort of order. It will depend what we set up first. goodluck


When the moonlight starts all you need to do is go around killing monsters. In some of the loot there will be a chest which you can open in these chest can be reagents, gold, rares, even can be empty! the moonlight lasts around 10minutes.


To enter the tinkering event you will be asked to come to nexus naked because you will be wiped. You will be teleported to a section which will give you 300 gems, tinker tools and 600 gold ingots. You are to tinker the gems away in the hope of making magic jewels. The rules are to tinker all of your gems and to place any magic jewel you create into the chest provided. DO NOT ID YOURE JEWELS IF YOU DO THEY WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR POINTS!

Point system is:
1 point for +5
2 points for +10
3 points for +15
4 points for +20
5 points for +25


This will be a provided quip tournament which will need 8 or 16 players for. First place receives a trophy if there is 16 players 1st 2nd 3rd will receive a trophy


This event requires at least 10 players which is divided into 2 teams. Once you enter the arena you are to kill your enemy and cut their head off the corpse using a sword. then place the head in your coloured basket in your home base. The team with most heads after a certain time limit wins. Only the player who deals the last blow can cut the head off a corpse so its worth trying.


The scavenger hunt requires you to read a hint which will be placed in nexus for all to read. after reading the hint you will go search for the location it hints towards then will have to kill the guardians for an item which you need to keep. there will also be a hint placed on the ground for you to read which will give you the location of the next spot that you need to find. there is 10 spots to find plus an ending, each player will need to have an item in their backpack at the end in order to win this event.
This event is a pvm event and pvp will not be tolerated with those who are involved, anyone caught pvp will be instantly jailed untill this event is finished.
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