New events


New events

Postby SenDogg » Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:41 am

Ive been busy making these new events this week and will host them this saturday throughout the day

Provocation Event:

This event will see you face four stages of monsters to provoke.
once the monsters in each stage are dead then you will proceed to the next stage
if you run into the flame before the monsters are dead you are disqualified
so watch where you are running. once youve completed the last stage run to the
last flame and you have finished. first one to complete the stages and gets to
the end wins.
You are issued with defensive and offensive weapons however the offensive weapons
are only to be used to kill the last monster in each stage. Anyone caught using them
before the last monster will be disqualified. if you have a weapon quiped before the
last monster you will be disqualified. Casting attacking spells on monsters before the
last one will also result in are issued with scrolls not a spellbook
so make sure you check your bags and work out what you have at your disposal.
once you enter your coloured bay you will have 2minutes to get ready before the wall drops.
Then its all up to your experience in pvm provocation to get you to the finish line.


Pirate PVP

This event is pvp but on a boat, you will be seperated into 2 teams, each team will have a captain.
The captain is in control of the boat which can be moved anywhere possible. You fight each other until you have
killed the other team. even though boats can ress once you die you will be teleported off the boat until
the round has ended. This event will have a few rounds to see who is the better side.

Running with the bulls

simply run and try to stay alive! the more strength you have the better. anyone can join this event

PvP Arena

I have just made a new arena for PVP events for a fresh look and to make it easier for staff while hosting. Over the years with multiple staff
using each arenas it can become messy and this lead to me making a fresh new arena. We now have new potions ingame that not many of you are aware of so i will slowly introduce them to you in events in the hope you start gaining them for yourself ingame. The new arena has input from myself my wife ( Mrs Merch/G.I Jane ) and a few players who are common in these types of events. Comments are more then welcome regarding anything about the arena. Ive also made a wall of champions space in the arena which will see each winner with a statue placed right next to the arena for bragging rights. multiple wins will be recorded onto the statue. Unlike most events ive added a fair amount of potions to your bag you will receive, G heals G cures G explodes Refresh Normal poison G poison and Magic reflect. Magic reflect potion has the same effect as casting magic reflection which is handy in PVP. All you need to do is drink it like you would a heal or cure potion for it to work.
This quip will see a more balanced fight between warrior vs mage.
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Re: New events

Postby Frans » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:47 pm

Casting attacking spells on monsters before the last one will also result in disqualification

Reactive Armor; is this one considered to be an attacking spell?
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Re: New events

Postby SenDogg » Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:50 am

Reactive armour isnt considered an attacking spell, use it to your liking
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