Friday 13th


Friday 13th

Postby SenDogg » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:27 pm

To Start off i want to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed the monster bash on south jhelom last weekend. Im very happy with the way it went down and i have received positive feedback from most of you.

This weekend there will be a few events going on.

Provocation Event
Pirate PvP
Running with the bulls
1vs1 PvP ive made a new arena for this
The Rules to the events above can be found here

Monster Bash
The rules for these events can be found here

There will also be some throughout the weekdays all at random times. I only have access to Forums IRC and ingame so keep an eye out. I will try to do most when we have the most players on.

Make sure you read up on the rules i will work as much as i can with chad in insuring that we give plenty of notice of upcoming events through IRC Ingame and on Facebook, anyone who doesnt bother reading the rules may be disqualified and will have to leave the event
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