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Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:26 pm
by LobO
Hey folks, for this event all you have to do is write a story of what Neverlands is for you, there wouldn't be a limit on characters used for this. The best story will be used on the new Neverlands website, also will get an in-game reward the winner will be taken by Staff vote, please feel free to post your story below this post.

The event starts today 07 June 2017 and will end on 15 June 2017

Let your imagination fly!!

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:51 pm
by Frans
Neverlands... No, Ultima Online is the game that has been always a come back game for me.

Back in the day I regulary went to my cousins place and play games there, they gave me their Twilight CD's whenever I came by. These CD's had demo's from games on it (Oh Populous you're a magnificent game). But one day they were playing Ultima Online. And the moment I saw them clicking the pickaxe and use it on the rocks in Britain, I got sold already. So I asked for a CD for this game as well and they supplied and I went home to install it.

Back in the time of ICQ, MSN and dial up internet, I only got the time to play after 7PM because it would be cheaper during those times for the dial up. So back in the day I didn't have a single clue about what freeshard we were playing on. But eventually I grew older and learned what shard I was playing on. The longest I've been playing on was Neverlands (however most fun was Icrontic).

During this time I've learned English by simply playing an online game. My school grades in English were great, better than my Dutch grades. I learned to script in EasyUO because of my cousin, who did everything for me before I could do this myself. And because of this I liked developing random stuff and eventually resulting me into going for a Development course for school. I've graduated this year (2017).

And now I'm playing the game again just to macro, gain wealth, display this on my house (let's be hones what other game has houses where you can display your rares?) and properly test out new features that are being added.

Some may hate me because I say what I think and believe in, in maybe a rather harsh way, but I mean no harm about it and I usually give constructive criticism with this as well.

Well, this is kind of my story about how it all started and what it is for me,


Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:39 am
by LobO
Really nice frans

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:03 am
by Black Spike
Neverlands for me is a poisoned but lovely spell.

Poisoned lovely spell? For that I have to take you back 15 a 16 years. Those are for me to the roots of Neverlands.

I was a kid back then and even internet was not available for everyone. I was lucky since I and most (not all) of my friends had internet access without having to pay for every KB you used. One guy in my class told me about this awesome game where u could be a warrior and do whatever you wanted. The 1st MMORPG ever for us… and it blew my mind!.

But 1st everyone had to lend his copy of ultima online and install it on this PC and create an account for Neverlands. Witch took a week but it felt for months. Since we started as a group of friend we Thought it would be nice to all have “Metal” in frond of our names. This didn’t last long before some of us started to walk our on path in this mysterious game.

I had some awesome but also sad experiences. I remember telling my little brother who watched me play this game that when I reached 60 strength and could wear a full platemaiI would now probably one of the strongest people in Neverlands. I guess ignorance is bliss. I was so happy with my 60 strength.

After months a killing monsters I reached my goal of 400.000 gold. I could buy the house of my dreams. I was so scarred to walk a round with that many cash to buy my dream house. I bought the 2 story patio which for me is still one of the best houses. Since Britannia was the only city I knew back then, I put my house east of the Ettin caves. Great house awesome memory.

In this game I also made friends but there where also fights. I remember friends house looting each other and putting their friendship on the line for a game. Or when I was still very new in the game. I tried to buy a small house from a player, I got scammed and bough a proof build deed. So I also found out there are poisoned people in Neverlands who cant be trusted just like the real world.
This game thought me a lot. English as u can probable guess by my typing ,is not my native language . Not school and movies but mostly this game though me English and I’m grateful for that.

Over the years Neverlands had chanced and so did I. Meaning I have been away from this game so now and then. But… but this spell this magical lovely spell called Neverlands always brings me back. It’s bring me back to my memories and friends and the fun.

(Metal) Spike

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:06 am
by Black Spike
Wow i just typed my story of neverlands. Now i read frans his story. Its nice to see we share almost the same idea and start of this game :)

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:14 pm
by LobO
Ok seems only you two want to win this, so tonight we will pick a winner between you two, Thanks a lot for this guys..

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:54 am
by Picxie
Since the post is closed, and I want a player to win, I'll be posting mine now:

It all started a long time ago, I can't remember exactly when (at least 12 years, for sure). I went to a friend's house and he was mining inside Minoc mine, and I asked "what's with that game?" He explained me a bit of the mechanics, and I was like "this, this here is my kind of game!".
Back in the days, there were 15 people mining in Minoc. Ahh, good old days. I also had no idea what macros or easyuo were, so I spent a few weeks (well, maybe a month) mining MANUALLY, yes, manually. Like, double clicking the pickaxe, targeting the floor, repeat. I still don't know how I had the patient to do that. I wouldn't do that today, but I was a mere kid, I was enjoying it somehow.

Time passed by, I started doing some dungeons, learning a bit more of the mechanics, and finally learned that we could bound keys to Last Object and Last Target, yay.
Eventually I came across Wind, but I never understood why I couldn't enter (it said something about not having enough skill). I didn't even know there was Magic Resist back then! So, someone explained that I needed a certain % of resists to enter there and to train resists I had to use EasyUO or else I would die from boredness. So I asked his macro, and since that day forward I started doing my all macros with EasyUO.
I knew how to code a bit, so it took me only a few weeks to master EasyUO. But during those weeks, the more I learn about EasyUO the more I knew that I have found myself what I wanted to do for living: Code. While most of you probably learned english with UO (btw I learned english playing Pokemon Red, hah!), I did my code first steps here. I can honestly say I took a degree in Software because of UO.

I have probably gave up UO about 4 times now. All of them because my house eventually decayed. After a few months, I started over again. Couldn't stay away from this "poison" like you called.

One thing that I never forgot, was ERE. That bitch was always killing me while I was doing dungeons. Bitch. You stole all my sillinamite PMs. Most of them I mined MANUALLY. I still curse you for this!
I even asked Nickmaster once to get in contact with you to arrange a 1 VS 1 PvP with you in farms (think he was in your guild back then). GUESS WHAT, I lost, Hunpf. I was never that good with PvP, I'm more of a PvM type of player.

SAD STORIES ASIDE, I have met a lot of good people here, a lot of them I consider really close friends of mine. People like Nickmaster, Hardox, Darkbringer, Aerith, Vicent, and least but not last, the drunktard Hobbs. He became one of my best friends IRL.

Re: Best Neverlands Story Event 2017

PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:55 am
by LobO
Ok fellas, all were really good stories enjoyed a lot. But as every event... needs a winner, And well wasn't an easy decision but the winner is

Frans, well done buddy..

Should be picxie but he cant be the winner since he is staff. hehe...

thank you all for helping on this.