Small bug/error list

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Small bug/error list

Post by AnnaMaria »

I post here some things, feel free to add more.

1. Jewel charges are out and if its not hard please remove (out of charges) text from jewels. Atleast if u make new jewels then without that text please.

2. Player vendor can give u cash again. It was closed cuz there was bug but please fix it. All was fine before was added check.

3. Slayer quest. Still u cant do many quests. Not count Neon Dragons, Elder Dragons and Daemons who lives in Dungedons. Ingame arent any Shadow named monster (looong time ago was some Shadow Archers in Covetus but that was many many years ago).

4. Meteorite. Not possible smelt Meteorite ores to ingots. Usually need Mining skill for smelting. Does Meteorite need different or some more extra skill ? Atm says with 130 mining "You can`t smelt that".

@->-- Thx
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