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  1. Rules
    Be sure to check back every now and again, as these rules can change without any warning. Ignorance to the rules is no excuse, if found guilty for a punishable offense you WILL be punished.1.1 Accounts
    Each player can only have 1 account. Exceptions will be made for players who have family playing or a roommate at the same IP address. This will have to be verified by staff and approved. If we find players using multiple accounts, we will ban one of the accounts without warning.1.2 Macroing
    Macroing is defined as, but not limited to, the act of gaining a skill without willfully being seated at your computer screen. You are allowed to train AFK while training skills, however resource gathering will not be tolerated while AFK. Mining, Lumberjacking, Farming, Tinkering, Blacksmithing, Carpentry making, Begging, KILLING NPCS, and Fishing are regarded as resource gathering.

    1.3 Punishments
    Punishments for afk resource gathering will be as followed:

    1st Offense: Character jailed for 7 days
    2nd Offense: Character jailed for 7 days + 10% skill loss
    3rd Offense: Character jailed for 7 days + 50% skill loss
    4th Offense: Character jailed for 7 days + 100% skill loss
    5th Offense or more: Account jailed for 1 month

    Punishments for Speed Hacking/Resyncing will be as followed:
    1st Offense: Character jailed for 14 days 100% loss on all skills and stats set at 50
    2nd Offense: Character deleted
    3rd Offense: All characters on account deleted

    BUG ABUSING(this can be finding any exploit in the way the scripts were made to be run and then using that exploit to gain something illegally) Depending on the abuse, BANNING CAN COME FIRST.
    Abusing or exploiting bugs can result in a permanent ban from the shard. If you find, or hear about, any bug, contact and Administrator immediately (Email or PM on IRC), if we find out that you knew and did not report it, or worse, used it, and did not report it, you can be banned – if you tell us right away, you are doing a service for the shard, we don’t ask for much in playing our free server, but we do ask this.
    What exactly constitutes bug abuse:
    If we could write down every bug we would. It covers such a large area that doing so is impossible. Use your common sense; if you think it might be illegal, it probably will be. Abuse ranges from extreme acts against other players/ the shard or for any personal gains that would not be possible under normal playing conditions. Other bugs would include having runes to places you shouldn’t- such as the Nexus, Newbie Dungeon or other places, finding abnormal ways into peoples houses using a combination of spells and items or any other method is also classed as abuse. These are just a couple of examples to give you a basic idea. Any use of programs such as Speed Hack or others which give you an unfair advantage over other players will result in an account ban. Injection is extremely disliked by staff and any use of it is classed as abuse, and will be a bannable offense. NO excuses for bug abuse or the use of Speed Hack will be accepted.

    1st Offense- 1 month in jail
    2nd Offense- Banned

    1.4 Definitions
    • Agent of Staff – For example, the macro check gump. The time this gump remains on the screen will count towards your five minutes.
    • Apparent Macroed Skill – If the skill being macroed is not apparent, then it will be up to the GM in question.
    • See 4.3 Illegal Use of Scripts
    NOTE: The staff of Neverlands Phoenix recognizes that sudden life events do occur, but in saying that we will continue to jail account left un-attended despite the situation put forward by the player. Also, although Neverlands Phoenix does utilize an auto log-out system, it can not be relied upon 100% to log you out as lag can interrupt the five minute time period. If you’re going to leave your computer (For a washroom break, smoke, etc.) log out or turn .afk ON.
    2.1 Racism
    Racism is defined as, but not limited to: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Discrimination is defined as, but not limited to: Treatment or consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit; partiality or prejudice: racial discrimination; discrimination against foreigners, discrimination against those of different sex and/or sexual orientation. Neverlands Phoenix does not condone or tolerate the use of racism, discrimination or the spreading of hatred of any kind.

    2.2 House Looting
    House looting is defined as, the act of willfully removing items from ones house in which you do not reside; this act is not considered illegal on Neverlands Phoenix. However; gaining entry to a house via a BUG (whether the intention is to loot the house or not) will fall under BUG EXPLOITING, and will be dealt with harshly. In order to avoid losing items in your household: limit access, utilize your secures and chests, and do not let unwanted individuals follow you inside.

    3.1 Items & Skills Lost Due To Bugs
    As stated previously it is difficult for staff to replace items/skills. NLP has taken a BLANKET approach to this, and has decided to follow in the foot steps of other MMORPGS. Although each case will be handled on a case-by-case basis; staff will NOT be replacing items on the whole. As always the purpose of reporting a bug is for staff to correct it. If you fail to report it out of anger, spite, you only run the risk of succumbing to it again.

    3.2 Trapping
    1) Trapping is defined but not limited to the act of confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is impossible. Should you trap someone, effectively ruining their gameplay, you will be subject to the punishment sey by the presiding staff member.
    2) Trapping NPCs in ones house is illegal! If you are training provocation with a Steed/Spider etc, make sure you do it outside the house in an open area. Although the housing system will automatically remove some trapped NPCs, should a staff member find NPCs trapped, they will be removed.
    • The houses that have been added by staff members cannot be opened from the inside. Should you follow an opponent into the house, it is not an obligation for him to let you out, and if he kills you it is not trapping. Utilizing the houses that do not open from the inside for the sole purpose of trapping another player (i.e. having people waiting inside to quickly kill them, or gating people inside) is illegal as it is a direct contradiction of this rule.
    3) Door holding will not be tolerated, anyone caught holding any door open to either gain entry or try to trap players will be jailed for 1 week. the same will go for blocking doors

    3.2 Rez Killing
    Res-killing is defined as, but not limited to, the constant killing of a victim for no reward. Res-Killing is technically legal, as long as the person is making an effort to retrieve items or continue the PVP. To avoid being Rez Killed, the victim should stay in ghost form and find another area to rez at. However, if the attacker uses the resurrection spell over and over to kill a player, that will be terms for jail.

    4.1 Illegal Items
    Any items that you cannot acquire through normal play are illegal. This includes any tourney equipment and items that are Blessed (newbied) but shouldn’t be. If we find you in possession of such items they will be deleted immediately and you will be jailed on a case by case basis.

    4.2 Illegal Use of Items/NPCs
    Items within Neverlands Phoenix have a specific use, using them for other means which give you an advantage over other players is illegal. This includes items which are placed outside and on the doorstep of your house. If you are unsure of its placement, ask a member of Staff.

    4.2.1 Examples
    NPCs generated from flyers are intended in no way to be sparred with, they are invulnerable, do little damage and provide a constant source of gain, attempting to spar with such an npc is illegal and will lead to jail time.
    Player vendors/NPCs/Items holding open doors for PVP purposes are illegal for the reason that they are in no way related to PVP and cause the door script to loop in a manner that causes lag.

    4.3 Illegal use of Scripts
    Although Neverlands Phoenix does allow the use of third party programs (such as EasyUO and UOAssist), we do not condone the use of Injection or any script that would give you an unfair advantage over a situion, or allow you to do something outside the game mechanicals/impossible without a script. Scripts like (Auto Logout / Auto Click) that allow you to circumvent the macro check program will not only lead to an instant jail, but also an increase in jail time. NOTE: Not all problematic items/situations can be listed here, however if you want to know if something is illegal or not, ASK, so you don’t get into trouble by not knowing. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    5.1 Player Naming
    Your character name can in no way be offensive, it must follow our offensive language and behavior rule. You may also not use the names of staff members. Neverlands Phoenix staff realizes that players often chose similar names but we chose not to interfere in the naming of players. PLAYERS MAY NOT SHARE THE SAME NAME. The staff will be looking for these players and giving them unique names to avoid confusions in the times of incidents that require jail time If you dislike your characters name, it can be changed at the stage of ‘The Very Young’ which is under the age of 1200 minutes, but never after that time frame.

    5.2 Guild Names
    Guild names must coincide with our other rules, but must also not include names or titles such as[Gamemaster] or [Seer] etc.
    All users of more than one account on a single IP address need to inform staff as soon as possible. You MUST register even if you have informed staff in the past. All accounts registered will be checked ingame by staff and anyone found not to meet our tests will be refused dual accounts. Please inform us when registering the following details:
    • Account name
    • User real name in full
    • Relationship to each other
    • Failing to register will result in all accounts being banned and IP blocked. We will check ALL ip access and unregistered multi accounts may be banned.

    6.1 Newbie Dungeon and Nexus
    Under no circumstance is there to be any sort of player versus player action, stealing, or casting of area spells that may be harmful to other people. Failure to comply will result in a jailing, the time will be decided by the presiding staff member

    6.2 House Placement
    • No houses are to be placed within guarded areas
    • No houses are to be placed blocking public roads, or pathways.
    • No houses are to be placed which block other player’s access to places such as mining areas and dungeons.
    • No houses are to be placed on farmlands, dungeon tiles, and/or public areas.
    If a house is in an illegal area, a dated warning sign will be placed. Failure to remove the house by the given date will result in the loss of the house and all items within it. No compensation will be handed out for any loss due to this.

    6.3 Player Vendors
    • Player vendors must be located directly on or by the house graphic.
    • Player vendors must not block entrance to the house or be placed in order to hold the house door open.
    • Player vendors must not be placed by someone’s house without their express permission.
    • Player vendors must not, under any circumstances, be used to transport items or money from one place to another.
    • Player vendors must not be put on horses.
    • Player vendors are not to be used in a way of ‘guarding’ for pvp.
    • Player vendors are not allowed to be on mounts like riding poots and pegasus boots.
    Any player vendor found that goes against these rules will be killed. NO compensation will be given.

    6.4 Event Areas
    Any area being used for an event/quest is considered off limits to the players until specified by the Gamemaster holding the event. Should you mark a rune in such areas you will have the rune confiscated and possibly lead to jail.

    6.5 PvP Guideline
    Except for the areas mentioned above, PVP is allowed anywhere on the world map. However there are a few guidelines. If you are in a guild, and in the middle of a guild war, should you quit in the middle of the battle you will be punished as you have caused the person to become grey and possibly gain a murder count or get guarded. Also, there is no holding of doors for PVP purposes, it causes the door script to loop which is a common form of lag.
    Events are a privilege put together by one of Neverlands Phoenix staff, and often take quite a long time to set up. Purposely disobeying the rules, or attempting to ruin the event can lead to a jailing as you have wasted the Gamemasters time and effort to put on a great event. The time spent in jail will vary depending on the staff member.

    7.1 Bartering
    The barter system was implemented as a way to extend the market among players. It may be used to buy and sell items. You may attach some messages to your barter as questions. If what you said is vulgar or goes against our rules on behavior you can also find yourself in jail & will be banned from the barter system for a time decided by the staff member.
    Barter macroing is legal however barter macroing afk is not! if you are suspected of macroing barter message you will be tested if you fail to pass the test given by the staff member you will be banned from barter for 7 days.

    7.2 Chat
    Chat is used for English chat only, anyone abusing this will be banned accordingly, Spamming chat will also not be tolerated.
    Chat bans will be 7 day chat bans, more serious cases could result in longer bans.

    7.3 Jchat
    Jchat is used for any other language, anyone abusing this will be banned accordingly, Spamming chat will also not be tolerated.
    Jchat bans will be 7 day jchat bans, more serious cases could result in longer bans.

    1) Please note that ALL jailtimes refer to INGAME time, should the server be down for any period if time, for any reason, the jail timer stops.
    2) Neverland Phoenix’s staff realizes that events may occur within game that cannot be 100% interpreted by these rules. In any case it is up to the residing staff member to make a decision based on the facts of the case. Their decision, although not expressed on this site, should be respected and accepted.

    8.1 Events.

    The staff tries to provide players with some fun activities during the day as something new and challenging for the players. These events come with rules. If a player should break the rules of the event, consequences will happen. These breaking of rules can be: ignoring staff, not following a specific set of rules, trying to ruin game play for other players, being an asshole during an event(to others or staff), or any other thing that would fall into this category not listed.


    1st offense- Character jailed for 7 days + Nexus ban

    2nd offense- Account jailed for 7 days + 2 week nexus ban upon return

    3rd offense- Account jailed for 14 days + 1 month Nexus ban upon return

    4th offense- permanent ban from any events + 1 month account jail

    Neverlands Phoenix staff will also attempt to maintain these rules as new ingame situations occur that need to be addressed, check back every so often as ignorance is not an excuse.
    Neverlands Phoenix Team !

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