June 2017
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Welcome to the Updates Page!

June 15, 2017

Wow, talking about a long time between updates. Frans will be having a heart attack over this being done. Ok, this is what has been done lately:

  1. Ere has respawned and set up Destard for players to start hunting in with a more balanced feel. Currently Lobo is working on The Vault of the Gods to have that ready very soon. Each dungeon will be respawned,  will have a boss, and each boss will drop a unique rare that can only be found in that specific dungeon.
  2. The automacro checks are in game. These are only found on mining, farming, lumberjack, tailoring, and fishing. These have been tweaked(June 15th) to give a random check no less than every 20 minutes or so(could be as high as an hour). You can use the .afk command with this.
  3. The .afk command has been changed to 1 hour per day.
  4. There are a great many new npcs that are about to be used in many places in game(The Vault of the Gods being one). Make sure you are fully up to date to see everything.
  5. The webpage has been updated a good bit with new information. Lobo is currently working on a totally new design for the webpage itself.
  6. Player vendors were changed to allow players to take as much gold off or as little off as they want.
  7. The fishing net can be used once per day. It can be used to fish up special rares that can only be found with it. To find a fishing net, you must find and kill the Water Daemon. This daemon will move places fairly often and not be in the same area for long.
  8. We are starting to test out the updated arena system. This will allow players to pvp for points on the leaderboard. At the end of each week, the person with the most points will receive a prize. This arena is also newbied which means you will be able to fight in it in your best quip without losing anything.
  9. We are starting to make plans for our big anniversary. I cannot believe that it will be 6 years that we have been open this June the 30th.  So to celebrate, we will be holding some big events during this time. Keep an eye out for the schedule of events!
  10. There is a gate that leads to vendor storage if you come back to play and are looking for your vendors, this is where to find them.
  11. A vendor item search page was added to the web site to help players search for items on various vendors throughout the game.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the current and former players who have been with us. I know I have made mistakes on some things, but it was always looking for a way to bring something new and more enjoyable to the game. When these things don’t or didn’t work, I tried to always remove the problems. Also, I would like to thank the current staff of Admin Lobo, GM Ere, and GM Trainee/Dev Picxie for all their hard work!




February 6, 2016       This update will contain things that have been done over a pretty long period, but put here to let players know that we still actively develop things on the game and are always looking to make the game better for players:


Champion Spawns are in game

There is an armor infusion system that is used by making Morphite armor(armor made with pieces from the meteorite system) and the infusion stone(semi rare found on medium to high level monsters in game). Using these two things you can infuse the armor with magic jewels. The jewels cannot stack and it consumes the jewel. You cannot wear the armor if it has two of the same skill jewel infused.

Dwarf bows were added to make archery  much more useful.

Begging can now be used to earn better items from vendors and with 125 you have a chance to beg a rare blood fountain.

I am redoing the magic food system where with 125 cooking you can make food that will give you perfect hunger for 1 week at a time.

Plan vendor in Britain buys unwanted plans that you have made but not completed.

Fishing was set back to where you can catch maps from level 1-5, trophies, certain armors, trophies, and some other things. Fishing nets have a chance of catching a special fishing rare.

There is a morphing elemental spawned in game that will drop the Champion Bone armor. It phases through 3 bodies before it’s death.

.redeed is a command that you use to redeed things like spinning wheels, looms, etc

There are skill deeds of three different levels to help with skill gain. They are found on all types of monsters, with the highest level(gold) found on the hardest monster. There are skill deeds for all the skills.

Mining gives gems and level 6 maps.

You can smelt all the granites, stone, and marble that you mine.




December 25, 2013    Today we updated to a new patch. To connect to the server now, you must follow the following steps to connect:

1. Download the neverlands phoenix files

2. Put those files in your UO folder.

3. Delete speech.mul from your UO Folder

4. Use the nlphoenix_client.exe file to connect




To protect yourself in game, please follow these very simple rules:

*Keep all your valuable stuff either in secured containers, locked down or in locked containers.
*Keep your e-mail up to date at all times since is the only way to recover your account in case your password get lost/forgotten
however whoever is found guilty of trying to get into someone else’s house by abusing any kind of bug, will be punished as stated in rules

December 18

ok had an update put in tonight, here goes:

1. gem mining has been put back in….if you have 105 or higher, you can mine gems and tmaps…you also run the risk of monsters spawning
2. chat and jchat have had a ban function added in…so follow the rules on chats…also if you are banned in one, you are banned in all 3(barter being the 3rd)
3. fix on an issue with incognito
4. added a new command for players— .move —-this will allow you to move multiple items of the same kind at one time(for training tinkering and bs) into a different container
5. fixed the issue with sun and elven armor….have to use standard platemail with those two now
6. tweaked level 6 rares….no more dragon eggs…..added two new ones: magic mirror and the return stone…….the magic mirror you double click and target someone to get a read on their looks…..the return stone is a newbied 1 time use stone that, when you res, will return you to your body(as of right now, it can return you to any place your body is…so if you kill someone in your house, and they have the stone, they can get in….so i would suggest to kill them outside the house)
7. added some new semi rares that are going to be part of the new dungeon chest system thats being tweaked to go in live
8. added a few new monsters for when the dungeons get their make overs

October 31

Today I paid for the host to add 2 more gigs of memory to our host to help improve performance. The bad news of this is that our IP changed….our new IP is, 5003  make sure to change that in your login.cfg file in your UO folder……msg me if you need any help with it.


October 29

Sorry guys its been a long time since I’ve posted an update, so here goes:

There is a new patch on the website ( ). This patch is going to lead to some new and exciting stuff. First off, Ffrasa has been super busy working on the Halloween event and the new dungeon systems. The good news is he’s finished the Halloween event and is mostly done with the new dungeons. What this means is this: dungeons will be respawned to follow a theme. Each dungeons will have a theme to it, certain monsters will be found in these dungeons, certain rares will only be found in those dungeons, fish, etc. Should make things very interesting.

Second, there will be an update on tinkering, alchemy, cooking, carpentry. Each of these 4 skills will be getting an update in the things that can be crafted. These updates will mean that you will need to get new materials to be able to finish crafting. For example, alchemy will have new potions that can be crafted. To complete these potions, you will need a special fish that can only be caught from one dungeons. To get this fish, you will need at least 110 in fishing. Also, there will be some new armors coming in within the next week or so.

Third, the Brit Sewers, the Terrathan Keep, the new player dungeon(NO LONGER A NEWBIE DUNGEON- YOU CAN LOSE ITEMS IN THERE),and a new quest area will be open in the next day or so. So this will give some new hunting locations.

Fourth, there will be a client upgrade by this weekend. This means that we will be getting all the new monsters,armor, clothing, and weapons that go with it. It also means that there will be fewer client crashes in game. The game will still play exactly the same, just with some new features.

These are just some of the goodies that are planned.

Finally, to all the players who have taken time off, the house decay has been out for a long time. However, on Friday, November 2nd at 11 p.m. my time, I will be putting house decays back in. This means that you have until that time to refresh your houses. If your house is over the decay time, it will be destroyed the instant the server comes back from the reboot. So make sure you come back to refresh your house. If you are wanting to come back from the NLR or NL days, message myself(chad) or one of the GMs to find out about some of the benefits we have set up to help you get back in game quicker.

Thanks for playing on our server and see you in game!


May 19

99 Update

ok guys time for a 99 update, i know its been long overdue, but ive had a lot on my plate between job, real life stuff, and in game stuff…so here goes

first- had a nice list of bugs from margot which has kept me busy, those seem to be fixed(this included things like stamina loss on ljing, some items missing from buy/sell lists, axes breaking too quickly, culling too easy, farming too easy, and a few other things)
second- weapons have been adjusted and seem to be working at 95 levels
third- still have two things ive been pushing off, but now its coming to the point that there hasnt been anything else reported, so its time to tackle these beasts….these are adjusting the skill/stat gains to avoid the stop that happens periodically and adding traps to tchests
fourth- going through and looking for last minute bugs that are of serious consequences….
fifth- dungeons will be respawned according to how we arrange the dungeons on 95

so the bottom line is, every bug that has been reported to me, has been fixed…the only exceptions right now are the ones i listed above….im gonna be getting help on the skill stat issue to make sure that it is done correctly….

id like to close with a thanks to all the players who have been testers and reported bugs to me and been a positive influence to keep me motivated….for all of you guys, i will be giving you a special reward for the work that you did…thanks again

May 19

i just wanted to give a quick update on things happening on 95 before i give the 99 update……
first we added the account age, we know there are a few bugs, but nothing that causes real harm, so its staying in until ffrasa finishes the update to fix the issue
second there is now a clothing vendor in game, the way it works is: it will buy all clothing made from this point forward since i made a slight change to the way magic clothes are made
third- i have made a change to fishing sos bottles, i made a slight change on the guardians, and i also added some rare items to the chests and is worth the time and effort to fish up
fourth- there is now a schedule for events that will be taking place during the week…..the times will change and be announced to try and give different time zones a chance to play….this schedule will change each month
fifth- staff is currently planning on redoing all the dungeons to give each dungeon a theme….also there will be special dungeons for different types of players(more on this later, but think about wind as an example)
sixth- also, we are making some brand new events for players to play in……as of now, we have 4 new events done, with 3 or 4 more to come….will be testing these out fairly soon

February 5

Wow has it been that long since I posted an update? I’ve been trying to give updates on the forums and facebook, but I will try to give more updates here. The big update has been going to 99. As many know, we have been testing it on a second host that I bought for one month to test on. So far it has been really good. I have a big list of bugs that were reported by a couple of players, fixed those, and have been waiting for new ones to fix. There will be major, major changes when we go to 99. For those who have tested, they know what I mean. Game play is fairly similar, but there is a whole new world of new stuff for everyone to enjoy. The Newbie Dungeon will be making a return, a whole new list of commands to make game play easier(and hopefully more fun as well), tons of new monsters(graphics too), the dungeons will be spawned correctly paying attention to grouping things a little differently, fixed the bugs that were a problem on 95, added a brand new housing system that has fixed all of the old bugs, taming has been redone to be a lot better, monsters now cast new spells(players won’t), and tons and tons more. Now that I’m starting to free my time up from getting this monster up and running(props to Batty and Devied for starting the ball rolling), I will give updates more often here. The next one I post will provide a list of new commands that are in game for the players to use, more details on the new housing system, a plan for how we are going to move it from 95 to 99, and details on when that should happen. Thanks for reading, have fun, and talk to you next time!


October 1

Quick update. all ore powers are in and working….i will be spreading out the clues like i planned originally….i will tell what each power is, but not what to craft(on the armor powers)….i also fixed 4 bugs on this reboot on oct 1
bloodrock——gives a damage bonus to all sword weapons except hallies and bardaches
aqua——-gives a damage bonus to all fencing weapons
dark silver———gives a +5 bonus to tinkering
sun——is the theives armor….gives a +5 bonus to hiding/stealing/snooping
those must be made in the correct type(platemail,chainmail,or ringmail) to have the power


September 27

Fixed the issue with fizzling for upper level mages, will be adding that in a little while. Also fixed a few other small bugs that have been hurting the shard. The biggest was an issue that was causing the CPU usage to be sky high and was causing lag. That issue has been fixed and we are running in the 0%-6% range at all times and during peak hours, so it should be lag free for 99% of you again. I will be honest, I am running far behind where I was hoping to be due to working on other things in game and my motherboard dying on my laptop. I have added 2 more rares to the level 6 chest. As of right now, the level 6 chests will be mined when it goes in game. Also, there will be another little surprise on mining when that time comes. I did say that I would announce the powers on ores last Friday, but it will have to be moved until this Friday for me which is Thursday for everyone else. I think you will be happy with what is coming(most of you anyway). The new bone armor will be in game this weekend. I think I have decided where those pieces can be found. Both of these armors will have properties to equal the ones that can be crafted. I have also started working on new titles, I am shooting for next week or next weekend on those. I am also looking at the overweight issue for thieves and crafters to see if I can stop if from deleting items. We will be running some new events this weekend as well. Also we are going to start trying to run a few more PVP events to balance things out. That’s about where we stand right now. Hope you guys have a great time and talk to you next time.



September 21

Starting up a guild event, here are the details:ok……i am going to host a weekly guild event starting this friday(for me) thursday for the rest……each guild who wants in will choose their best 5 warriors/mages to compete with other guilds……the guild in possession of the throne at the end of the time limit gets their own guild town for one week….this town will be accessed by a private gate in the guild house…at the end of the week i open the doors and the other guilds invade to take possession of the city……will be adding more to this as it goes along….there have been a lot of upgrades and add ons since the last update…..been fixing a lot of bugs involving the new houses, fixed the merchant books and added the fisherman quest giver,fixed issues on loot rates, got the level 6 thunt set up, currently have 11 rares finished(still have 7 more to go), once those are finished it will go live….i probably am going to make these a random find mining with a certain level, also, gems might start showing up randomly in mining as well at that time……finally got the web site up, the library as well, plus been doing other odds and ends things on the shard….anyway..thats the latet update(to shut Frans up)… that houses and the website are settled, i will try to start doing my weekly posts again…..take care and have a great time with us here!


For the first update, it’s going to be huge. But as a start, DOWNLOAD THE NEW MULTI FILES AND PUT INTO YOUR UO FOLDER!. You will need them for the new houses that are now in game!


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