Who Are We

Welcome to Neverlands Phoenix!

Who are we?

Neverlands Phoenix is a continuation of Neverlands, which began over 10 years ago and has been open here for a year and a half. This shard offers players a chance to experience many unique challenges. It gives players the choice to adventure in the style that they like the best. For the merchant, there are currently 14 unique logs and 39 unique ores to craft with. There are also many unique crafting options(with a special crafting fame feature coming soon) and a special merchant quest feature where players craft objects to complete quests. For the PVM players, there are currently more than 20 places to find monsters of all strengths and levels and rewards. Also, some monsters can drop semi-rares and items needed for quests. Also there are treasure hunts which can provide special rares that are found in the treasure chests. For the PVP players, Neverlands Phoenix offers something for everyone. We have pvping for tamers, mages, and warriors. Each of those has a unique feature involved, whether it is with the magic ores or something else. We are working hard to bring balance to PVPing here to make it where one group does not have a special advantage over another, so any type of PVPer will have a great time.

Events. Here at Neverlands Phoenix we try to host events on a regular basis. Currently we host more than 10 types of unique events, with more being added. We do this to add some fun and something different to the game. Some of these events are set up to where even the newest of players can play.

We have a dedicated staff here that work hard to help players who have questions or issues at any time.

Neverlands Phoenix is a dedicated server hosted currently in New York City. It is a high end machine with basically no lag for players on a high speed connection anywhere in the world. We have weekly maintenance on the server to keep it running at peak performance.

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