1. There is a new Immortal level to skills and stats cap. Players who have more than 300k minutes account time will now have a stat cap of 305. For players with more than 400k minutes, you will now have a 13th skill to be able to train and your stat cap will be 315. You can take stats up to 130 with these new levels.
  2. Vendors now accept checks to load gold on them, and can give checks or gold to players. Checks have a new maximum value of 5kk.
  3. All things that need timers(fishing nets, powerhour, daily logon bonus, skill deeds) have them and are working.
  4. Taming and provo players will now get the credit if what they control kills a boss. It removes the prop from you to make it easier to get into the Blackthorn Tomb.
  5. Inscription and house plans will now accept logs or boards when building a house or boat. No more logs only.
  6. The requirements for house and boat parts has been cut in half.
  7. There is a new surprise that is set up, but not released yet for players wanting a new dungeon area.
  8. The command .bosses will now tell you what bosses are left to kill to enter Blackthorn’s tomb.
  9. All sea serpents were wiped recently.
  10. Tweaks and fixes were made to parts of the loot.
  11. A few other small tweaks and bug fixes were added.
This is currently being worked on:
  1. A new Treasure hunting quest. It seems to be working, but looking for more testing to finalize it and put it in. As a reward, there are 5 levels, each level gives a special shovel. These shovels allow you to remove mining from your hunter. The goldly shovel is equal to gm mining.
  2. Fixing the spawning issue on thunts by rewriting the spawning part.
  3. We are testing out a tweak and balance to the weapons in game right now. Hardox has tested almost all the weapons out and would like to get players to do some testing as well to see if they are ready to go in. Basically it will lead into more variety of attacks in game.
  4. Fixing up level 4 of Covetous.
  5. New daily quest and making the moonlight event an automatic event that takes place twice a day at the same time every week and for the same amount of time.
  6. Few other things that are still in the planning stages.
Hope yall enjoy and have fun playing!
Chad(not chat)