Here are the files you will need to get started playing Neverlands Phoenix.

Step 1:

Download: Ultima Online Client

The first step is to install UO. While downloading you can read the rules.

Step 2:

Download: Neverlands Phoenix Installer

Then download this exe file. Run this file and everything will be set up automatically. Thanks to Picxie for creating this file!

Step 3:

Download: Patch  . Unrar this over the files you installed. This is the newest patch that will allow you to see the new items in the game.

Step 4:

Create an account.


Extra downloads

For more downloads like classic spell icons and legal third party programs, go to the Extra Files page.



Make sure to have read the rules!

Todos los jugadores tienen que descargar el nuevo parche para poder ver las nuevas casas, nuevos objetos, y mas. Por favor descarguenlo y ponganlo en su carpeta de uo antes de conectarse a NLP otra vez, Gracias y que disfruten.