February 6, 2016       This update will contain things that have been done over a pretty long period, but put here to let players know that we still actively develop things on the game and are always looking to make the game better for players:


Champion Spawns are in game

There is an armor infusion system that is used by making Morphite armor(armor made with pieces from the meteorite system) and the infusion stone(semi rare found on medium to high level monsters in game). Using these two things you can infuse the armor with magic jewels. The jewels cannot stack and it consumes the jewel. You cannot wear the armor if it has two of the same skill jewel infused.

Dwarf bows were added to make archery  much more useful.

Begging can now be used to earn better items from vendors and with 125 you have a chance to beg a rare blood fountain.

I am redoing the magic food system where with 125 cooking you can make food that will give you perfect hunger for 1 week at a time.

Plan vendor in Britain buys unwanted plans that you have made but not completed.

Fishing was set back to where you can catch maps from level 1-5, trophies, certain armors, trophies, and some other things. Fishing nets have a chance of catching a special fishing rare.

There is a morphing elemental spawned in game that will drop the Champion Bone armor. It phases through 3 bodies before it’s death.

.redeed is a command that you use to redeed things like spinning wheels, looms, etc

There are skill deeds of three different levels to help with skill gain. They are found on all types of monsters, with the highest level(gold) found on the hardest monster. There are skill deeds for all the skills.

Mining gives gems and level 6 maps.

You can smelt all the granites, stone, and marble that you mine.