June 15, 2017

Wow, talking about a long time between updates. Frans will be having a heart attack over this being done. Ok, this is what has been done lately:

  1. Ere has respawned and set up Destard for players to start hunting in with a more balanced feel. Currently Lobo is working on The Vault of the Gods to have that ready very soon. Each dungeon will be respawned,  will have a boss, and each boss will drop a unique rare that can only be found in that specific dungeon.
  2. The automacro checks are in game. These are only found on mining, farming, lumberjack, tailoring, and fishing. These have been tweaked(June 15th) to give a random check no less than every 20 minutes or so(could be as high as an hour). You can use the .afk command with this.
  3. The .afk command has been changed to 1 hour per day.
  4. There are a great many new npcs that are about to be used in many places in game(The Vault of the Gods being one). Make sure you are fully up to date to see everything.
  5. The webpage has been updated a good bit with new information. Lobo is currently working on a totally new design for the webpage itself.
  6. Player vendors were changed to allow players to take as much gold off or as little off as they want.
  7. The fishing net can be used once per day. It can be used to fish up special rares that can only be found with it. To find a fishing net, you must find and kill the Water Daemon. This daemon will move places fairly often and not be in the same area for long.
  8. We are starting to test out the updated arena system. This will allow players to pvp for points on the leaderboard. At the end of each week, the person with the most points will receive a prize. This arena is also newbied which means you will be able to fight in it in your best quip without losing anything.
  9. We are starting to make plans for our big anniversary. I cannot believe that it will be 6 years that we have been open this June the 30th.  So to celebrate, we will be holding some big events during this time. Keep an eye out for the schedule of events!
  10. There is a gate that leads to vendor storage if you come back to play and are looking for your vendors, this is where to find them.
  11. A vendor item search page was added to the web site to help players search for items on various vendors throughout the game.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the current and former players who have been with us. I know I have made mistakes on some things, but it was always looking for a way to bring something new and more enjoyable to the game. When these things don’t or didn’t work, I tried to always remove the problems. Also, I would like to thank the current staff of Admin Lobo, GM Ere, and GM Trainee/Dev Picxie for all their hard work!