update june 26, 2017
1. boards can be used to craft bows now
2. boards can be used in inscriptions plans
3. there is a daily reward system in game now….for each day you log on, you get a reward…the reward is random and gets better for each consecutive day that you log on to the game….if you wait past 29 hours from the last reward, you will start over at day one….the rewards get really really good starting around day 15….but at least this way every one gets something for daily play
4. there is a new jewel reward system in game…..there will be reward stones placed in the every bank in game….take old unused jewels to the stones….the stones will accept 2 of the same level jewels….when you cash in those jewels you will get a reward guaranteed….for example: 2 lesser jewels can get you a chance at either gold ingots, gold, gems, 2 random lesser jewels, or 1 good level jewel….hopefully this helps get some of the worthless jewels out of game
5. random small bug fixes like the locked flower boxes
6. boats cannot be placed in dungeons anymore…this is because we are redoing dungeons to make them easier to do, so they should be done classic style, making the need for boats moot
7. the bug with last target to gather hides and and feathers has been fixed so can use easy uo to target again