Update July 1, 2017
First off thank you to everyone for 6 years of being a part of your uo/nl days….it has been a great time for me…..I want to thank all of the staff that have been working really hard to get many of these things set up for you guys, great work Lobo, Hardox, Picxie, and Frans(also Ere for his work on Destard)……and once again thank you to the players, none of this would be possible without you…on to the updates!
1. Most dungeons have been respawned……these now include unique bosses in each……each boss has a new loot style and a special set of possible rares on each
2.By killing each of the 7 bosses—Eight Legged Freak(Covetous), Leloo(Shame), The Undead King(Hythloth),Poltergeist King(Deceit), The Evil Wyrm(Destard), The Troll King(Despise), and Count Dracula(Wind), you will be able to use the Blackthorn Tile to enter Lord Blackthorn’s Tomb(this can be found at the old entrance to the God’s Vault). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COLLECT ANYTHING TO USE THE TILE, ONLY KILL THE 7 BOSSES. Also, you will be able to take your pets and up to 3 other players to hunt in this dungeon.
3. Lord Blackthorn’s Tomb….this area has been redone and has a special set of monsters that tie into Lord Blackthorn. Lord Blackthorn himself drops great loot with new rares and semi rares that can only be found on him in game
4. New tiles. Each of the bosses has a chance for 2-3 new tiles each. With the exception of classic tiles(fire, domino, chroma,and lightning) all new tiles can only be found here. These new tiles have new animations(we will put them in the Nexus so you can test these out).Please make sure you download the new files that I am putting links to here—https://www.dropbox.com/s/zh7t4zcsjecrrgu/animdata.mul?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5v4qfk7hnoqjzg/tiledata.mul?dl=0 …..just download those into your UO folder and overwrite the old ones.
5. Picxie has updated and fixed up the Arena system, so players will be able to PVP in a newbie situation for scoreboard points. Each week, the players with the most points for the week will get a prize. There will also be a PVM system set up the same way with prizes as well.
6. Since we have been open for 6 years now, we realized that it was time to look at the caps. We are upgrading the skill and stat caps with 2 new levels. 300000 minutes to 399999 minutes will get a 305 point stat cap, and 400000 minutes and higher is now an Immortal level, this will give one new gm skill and a 315 point stat cap.
7. This coming week we will be adding a Treasure Hunter Quest. This quest will give new titles plus as a reward, you will be able to get a shovel that will dig certain distances away from the spot. This will work like the mining bonus. Once you complete the quest, you can use the shovels and get rid of the mining skill so you can use the skill points for other things needed in your treasure hunting.
8. We are still doing work on certain parts of the dungeons, so there will still be a few more changes(looking at you Wrong).
9. The tmap issue will be fixed hopefully tonight or tomorrow….the issue comes from dirt patches from where players run before it finishes digging. Apparently this has been building up over 6 years and is causing the crashes in spots. I have started writing the wipe script but need to test it to make sure it doesn’t do anything crazy when run. This should fix everything up there.
10. We are still working on new things to try and keep the game fun and fresh(as fresh as a 20 year old game can be). So keep an eye out for the new updates as they happen. Once again thank you for playing on our server for the past 6 years!