Update June 12, 2020

update: armor infusion is now in game and working…..what that means is, you mine morphite meteorites….smelt into ingots….then craft platemail…..you hunt dungeons to find the fusion stone from random monsters all over the map….then you can fuse magic jewels into your armor…you cannot stack jewels(6X resist), you cannot infuse more than one piece, and after 6 uses, the stone disappears and you will have to find another….you can also wear normal jewels with the infused armor, but once again, not of the same skill….enjoy!


Update June 9, 2020

Level 5 map bug is fixed


Update November 19, 2019


We have had a surge of players returning to enjoy some Neverlands Phoenix again. We are actively developing the server again and looking for new ways to make the game fun and challenging for everyone. Some new updates right now:

  1. Players can buy small houses only from the architect in Britain. All large houses(over 125) must be bought in the form of plans from players who are gm in inscription. These plans must be completed to get a deed to place a house.
  2. Some of the things to remind players about: use .powerhour to gain skills 20% faster, one of the meteorites when crafted into platemail armor and a fusion stone is used on it will allow you to fuse up to 6 jewels into it(1 per piece) this will allow you to use more jewels than before, afk for gathering resources or crafting is still illegal(the auto macro check will be back in a few days where you can use .afk command to do these things 300 minutes per week), right now the penalty for getting caught is just 1 hour character jail, when the auto check is back, the jail time is still only per character but you will lose skill points as well
  3. We are hosting events fairly regularly again and will try and do something as often as we can(shooting for at least one per day). There is a champ spawn set up at all times on the map for special items. There will be 2 auto events that will be running non stop in game in the next few weeks.
  4. Join us in Discord to ask any questions and have fun!



Here are a few updates so you know what is currently being worked on:

1. Age for skill and stat caps have changed, here is the updated list:
age > 1200 statcap := 230
age > 2500 statcap := 235
age > 5020 statcap := 240
age > 10000 statcap := 245
age > 15000 statcap := 250
age > 20160 statcap := 255
age > 25000 statcap := 260
age > 30000 statcap := 265
age > 35000 statcap := 270
age > 40000 statcap := 275
age > 45000 statcap := 280
age > 50000 statcap := 285
age > 55000 statcap := 290
age > 60480 statcap := 295
age > 120960 statcap := 300
age > 150000 statcap := 305
age > 199999 statcap := 315

2. House decay is put on hold for right now

3. Working on a new battle royale style event that will be automatic that is similar to fortnight and pubg…..about half done with it now…players will be teleported into a wide open area with nothing but an empty spellbook…they will have to run around looking for items to help them fight and then kill everyone left…winner will get new items, kudoz, and status points

4. Working on new character items that will allow players to start 3 skills at 70(besides the 3 at 50 they get), this is because of players being of an older age and not having as much time to train. These items will not be able to be moved or used on other characters.

I am still here and working on things on the server, I want to thank everyone who has played here over the past 7 years(amazing that we have been going since 2011). Hopefully we will see more and more players returning/joining to make things even more fun for the players in game. If you ever need anything, message me on Discord or on Facebook.