September 27

Fixed the issue with fizzling for upper level mages, will be adding that in a little while. Also fixed a few other small bugs that have been hurting the shard. The biggest was an issue that was causing the CPU usage to be sky high and was causing lag. That issue has been fixed and we are running in the 0%-6% range at all times and during peak hours, so it should be lag free for 99% of you again. I will be honest, I am running far behind where I was hoping to be due to working on other things in game and my motherboard dying on my laptop. I have added 2 more rares to the level 6 chest. As of right now, the level 6 chests will be mined when it goes in game. Also, there will be another little surprise on mining when that time comes. I did say that I would announce the powers on ores last Friday, but it will have to be moved until this Friday for me which is Thursday for everyone else. I think you will be happy with what is coming(most of you anyway). The new bone armor will be in game this weekend. I think I have decided where those pieces can be found. Both of these armors will have properties to equal the ones that can be crafted. I have also started working on new titles, I am shooting for next week or next weekend on those. I am also looking at the overweight issue for thieves and crafters to see if I can stop if from deleting items. We will be running some new events this weekend as well. Also we are going to start trying to run a few more PVP events to balance things out. That’s about where we stand right now. Hope you guys have a great time and talk to you next time.