February 5

Wow has it been that long since I posted an update? I’ve been trying to give updates on the forums and facebook, but I will try to give more updates here. The big update has been going to 99. As many know, we have been testing it on a second host that I bought for one month to test on. So far it has been really good. I have a big list of bugs that were reported by a couple of players, fixed those, and have been waiting for new ones to fix. There will be major, major changes when we go to 99. For those who have tested, they know what I mean. Game play is fairly similar, but there is a whole new world of new stuff for everyone to enjoy. The Newbie Dungeon will be making a return, a whole new list of commands to make game play easier(and hopefully more fun as well), tons of new monsters(graphics too), the dungeons will be spawned correctly paying attention to grouping things a little differently, fixed the bugs that were a problem on 95, added a brand new housing system that has fixed all of the old bugs, taming has been redone to be a lot better, monsters now cast new spells(players won’t), and tons and tons more. Now that I’m starting to free my time up from getting this monster up and running(props to Batty and Devied for starting the ball rolling), I will give updates more often here. The next one I post will provide a list of new commands that are in game for the players to use, more details on the new housing system, a plan for how we are going to move it from 95 to 99, and details on when that should happen. Thanks for reading, have fun, and talk to you next time!