May 19

i just wanted to give a quick update on things happening on 95 before i give the 99 update……
first we added the account age, we know there are a few bugs, but nothing that causes real harm, so its staying in until ffrasa finishes the update to fix the issue
second there is now a clothing vendor in game, the way it works is: it will buy all clothing made from this point forward since i made a slight change to the way magic clothes are made
third- i have made a change to fishing sos bottles, i made a slight change on the guardians, and i also added some rare items to the chests and is worth the time and effort to fish up
fourth- there is now a schedule for events that will be taking place during the week…..the times will change and be announced to try and give different time zones a chance to play….this schedule will change each month
fifth- staff is currently planning on redoing all the dungeons to give each dungeon a theme….also there will be special dungeons for different types of players(more on this later, but think about wind as an example)
sixth- also, we are making some brand new events for players to play in……as of now, we have 4 new events done, with 3 or 4 more to come….will be testing these out fairly soon