May 19

99 Update

ok guys time for a 99 update, i know its been long overdue, but ive had a lot on my plate between job, real life stuff, and in game stuff…so here goes

first- had a nice list of bugs from margot which has kept me busy, those seem to be fixed(this included things like stamina loss on ljing, some items missing from buy/sell lists, axes breaking too quickly, culling too easy, farming too easy, and a few other things)
second- weapons have been adjusted and seem to be working at 95 levels
third- still have two things ive been pushing off, but now its coming to the point that there hasnt been anything else reported, so its time to tackle these beasts….these are adjusting the skill/stat gains to avoid the stop that happens periodically and adding traps to tchests
fourth- going through and looking for last minute bugs that are of serious consequences….
fifth- dungeons will be respawned according to how we arrange the dungeons on 95

so the bottom line is, every bug that has been reported to me, has been fixed…the only exceptions right now are the ones i listed above….im gonna be getting help on the skill stat issue to make sure that it is done correctly….

id like to close with a thanks to all the players who have been testers and reported bugs to me and been a positive influence to keep me motivated….for all of you guys, i will be giving you a special reward for the work that you did…thanks again