October 29

Sorry guys its been a long time since I’ve posted an update, so here goes:

There is a new patch on the website (http://neverlandsphoenix.org/?page_id=24 ). This patch is going to lead to some new and exciting stuff. First off, Ffrasa has been super busy working on the Halloween event and the new dungeon systems. The good news is he’s finished the Halloween event and is mostly done with the new dungeons. What this means is this: dungeons will be respawned to follow a theme. Each dungeons will have a theme to it, certain monsters will be found in these dungeons, certain rares will only be found in those dungeons, fish, etc. Should make things very interesting.

Second, there will be an update on tinkering, alchemy, cooking, carpentry. Each of these 4 skills will be getting an update in the things that can be crafted. These updates will mean that you will need to get new materials to be able to finish crafting. For example, alchemy will have new potions that can be crafted. To complete these potions, you will need a special fish that can only be caught from one dungeons. To get this fish, you will need at least 110 in fishing. Also, there will be some new armors coming in within the next week or so.

Third, the Brit Sewers, the Terrathan Keep, the new player dungeon(NO LONGER A NEWBIE DUNGEON- YOU CAN LOSE ITEMS IN THERE),and a new quest area will be open in the next day or so. So this will give some new hunting locations.

Fourth, there will be a client upgrade by this weekend. This means that we will be getting all the new monsters,armor, clothing, and weapons that go with it. It also means that there will be fewer client crashes in game. The game will still play exactly the same, just with some new features.

These are just some of the goodies that are planned.

Finally, to all the players who have taken time off, the house decay has been out for a long time. However, on Friday, November 2nd at 11 p.m. my time, I will be putting house decays back in. This means that you have until that time to refresh your houses. If your house is over the decay time, it will be destroyed the instant the server comes back from the reboot. So make sure you come back to refresh your house. If you are wanting to come back from the NLR or NL days, message myself(chad) or one of the GMs to find out about some of the benefits we have set up to help you get back in game quicker.

Thanks for playing on our server and see you in game!