December 18

ok had an update put in tonight, here goes:

1. gem mining has been put back in….if you have 105 or higher, you can mine gems and tmaps…you also run the risk of monsters spawning
2. chat and jchat have had a ban function added in…so follow the rules on chats…also if you are banned in one, you are banned in all 3(barter being the 3rd)
3. fix on an issue with incognito
4. added a new command for players— .move —-this will allow you to move multiple items of the same kind at one time(for training tinkering and bs) into a different container
5. fixed the issue with sun and elven armor….have to use standard platemail with those two now
6. tweaked level 6 rares….no more dragon eggs…..added two new ones: magic mirror and the return stone…….the magic mirror you double click and target someone to get a read on their looks…..the return stone is a newbied 1 time use stone that, when you res, will return you to your body(as of right now, it can return you to any place your body is…so if you kill someone in your house, and they have the stone, they can get in….so i would suggest to kill them outside the house)
7. added some new semi rares that are going to be part of the new dungeon chest system thats being tweaked to go in live
8. added a few new monsters for when the dungeons get their make overs

October 31

Today I paid for the host to add 2 more gigs of memory to our host to help improve performance. The bad news of this is that our IP changed….our new IP is, 5003  make sure to change that in your login.cfg file in your UO folder……msg me if you need any help with it.