Age Skill & Stat Cap
On NL we have unique stat/skill cap script, that increase while playing, see details below. Also check .level and .skill commands. Stat and skill caps are now based on your ACCOUNT AGE (.accountage), not the character age. Be warned that you can gain above your cap, and if you do, it will lower ALL stats or skills back to a number under your cap. So watch your stats and skills!!
Age in Minutes Title Statcap Skillcap
2400 Young 230 800
5000 Young 235 800
10080 Middle Aged 240 900
20000 Middle Aged 245 900
30000 Middle Aged 250 900
40320 Aged 255 1000
50000 Aged 260 1000
60000 Aged 265 1000
70000 Aged 270 1000
80000 Aged 275 1000
90000 Aged 280 1000
100000 Aged 285 1000
110000 Aged 290 1000
120965 Ancient 295 1100
241920 Immortal 300 1200
300000 Immortal 305 1200
400000 Legendary 310 1300

Forget Stone

Near every bank, on the sparkle that leads to the tournament nexus and the newbie dungeon, you can find the forget stone: An option on the menu that will allow you to delete any skill/stat points with ease. Simply select the skill/stat you want to decrease and the ammount of points you want to decrease on the selected skill/stat. It’s recommendable not to surpass the maximum skill/stat cap, even being possible, as it can lead to skill/stat loss on random skills/stats. The skill will be decreased permanently by this method, and the only way to recover the skill lost with forget stone would be normal training of the skill, so be careful what skill you choose to decrease.