Trainable by: Armorer, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Tools: none
Used Materials: none
Title of the skill: Healer
Stats used: Intelligence
Delay: 10 seconds


Anatomy is knowledge about the human body, the skill let you check Strength and Dexterity of your target, also having more Anatomy lets you hit your opponent harder, by any weapon, the skill also supports Healing, more Anatomy let you heal more Hitpoints. GM Anatomy gives about +33% bonus to melee damage.

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0-33% Vendor Train
33-100% Keep sparring or using the skill,
you can make both together at once to get double gains.
Note: Every Lore skill gains two times slower in player Houses/Boats Resources And Information. From all houses Only Grand Castle has non-house zone on grass, which can be used perfectly for training lore skills.