Trainable by: Stable Master, Librarian
Difficulty of training: very easy
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Intelligence
Used Tools: none
Title of the skill: Ranger
Delay: 10 seconds


Animal Lore is knowledge about Animals, the skill gives bonus to Hitpoints, Stats and a little boost of moving speed of all creatures that are under your command, shows status of animals and support Veterinary skill. Also, Animal Lore is needed to command pets in things like PVP and PVM. Animal Lore must be equal to Animal Taming in order to control your pets. Failure to have the right amount will result in losing control of the animal. This does not affect riding pets, only using commands.

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0-33% Vendor Train
33-100% Keep targeting an animal/beast.
Note: Every Lore skill gains two times slower in player Houses/Boats Resources And Information. From all houses Only Grand Castle has non-house zone on grass, which can be used perfectly for training lore skills.