Trainable by: Bowyer
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: Arrows
Used Stats: Dexterity(main), Strength
Used Tools: Bow/Crossbow
Title of the skill: Archer
Delay: none


Archery skill is used mostly by PVM’ers, that way you can kill very strong monsters, being far away from them. To increase damages of your shoots, you should also have Anatomy and Tactics, speed of shooting is based on Dexterity. Archery has been redesigned to be more effective and to do more damage based on what bow. The bows in game has various strengths and properties.

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Vendor Train to 33%, keep shooting at any target till 100%.  The best way to train is to train with a Birch Bow because of the speed it shoots. It takes between 50-75k arrows to GM it.