Trainable by: Weaponsmith, Blacksmith, Armorer, Librarian
Difficulty of training: very high
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: Ingots
Used Stats: Strength
Used Tools: Smith’s Hammer
Title of the skill: Blacksmith
Delay: none


Blacksmithy is probably the most useful merchant skill, there is always someone who needs blacksmith’s services. The skill is very hard to train and be prepared to use about 150k of ingots just to reach 100% of the skill. To avoid massive losing of ingots while training use a Copper set, which saves 50% of the ingots if you fail at crafting an item (at least 5 parts from Copper are needed). Arms Lore is an additional skill that raises the quality of your items and adds your name to them, for example at 120% of Arms Lore about 95% of the items crafted by you will have your name added. Arms Lore gains passively while using Blacksmithy skill. You can also smelt items with Blacksmithy skill by using tongs. If the item is not damaged you can get up to 50% of the ingots used for the crafting.



Item Name Required skill Resources Needed Skill used when worn
Axe 35% 14 ingots Swordsmanship
Battle Axe 30% 14 ingots Swordsmanship
Double Axe 30% 12 ingots Swordsmanship
Executioner’s Axe 35% 14 ingots Swordsmanship
Large Battle Axe 30% 12 ingots Swordsmanship
Two-Handed Axe 33% 16 ingots Swordsmanship
War Axe 40% 16 ingots Mace Fighting
Hammer Pick 35% 16 ingots Mace Fighting
Mace 15% 6 ingots Mace Fighting
Maul 20% 10 ingots Mace Fighting
War Hammer 35% 16 ingots Mace Fighting
War Mace 30% 14 ingots Mace Fighting
Broadsword 35% 10 ingots Swordsmanship
Cutlass 25% 8 ingots Swordsmanship
Dagger 0% 3 ingots Fencing
Katana 45% 8 ingots Swordsmanship
Kryss 37% 8 ingots Fencing
Longsword 30% 12 ingots Swordsmanship
Scimitar 32% 10 ingots Swordsmanship
Chainmail Coif 15% 10 ingots
Chainmail Leggings 37% 18 ingots
Chainmail Tunic 40% 20 ingots
Bascinet 10% 15 ingots
Close Helmet 40% 15 ingots
Helmet 40% 15 ingots
Norse Helm 40% 15 ingots
Plate Helm 63% 15 ingots
Platemail Arms 67% 18 ingots
Platemail Gloves 60% 12 ingots
Platemail Gorget 57% 10 ingots
Platemail Legs 70% 20 ingots
Platemail Breastplate 75% 25 ingots
Bardiche 32% 18 ingots Swordsmanship
Halberd 40% 20 ingots Swordsmanship
Pitchfork 40% 20 ingots Fencing
Short Spear 46% 6 ingots Fencing
Spear 50% 12 ingots Fencing
War Fork 43% 12 ingots Fencing
Ringmail Gloves 12% 10 ingots
Ringmail Leggings 20% 16 ingots
Ringmail Sleeves 17% 14 ingots
Ringmail Tunic 22% 18 ingots
Bronze Shield 0% 12 ingots Parrying
Buckler 0% 10 ingots Parrying
Heater Shield 25% 18 ingots Parrying
Metal Kite Shield 5% 16 ingots Parrying
Metal Shield 0% 14 ingots Parrying
Tear Kite Shield 0% 8 ingots Parrying


“Required skill” – This is the minimum you need to craft these items so you’ll still fail a lot! For example, Platemail Breastplate can be crafted while having 75% but the chances are VERY small, you’ll end up destroying 90% of your ingots.To start crafting Platemail Breastplates without failing you’ll need around 110% – 120% of the skill.



0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Daggers
50-70% Chainmail Coifs, Cutlases
70-80% Chainmail Leggings
80-90% Platemail Gorgets
90-95% Platemail Gloves
95-100% Platemail Legs


There is also a way to GM Blacksmithy just by crafting Katanas, starting at 60%. Takes less ingots but is slower than crafting Chainmail/Platemail parts. If you choose that way, remove your jewel as soon as you reach 65% of the base skill. In general Blacksmithy gains better with a jewel on.