Broken Rares

This profession allows you to fix Broken Rares, also known as Remains of Shattered Items.

If you get a rare on a treasure hunts, there is a small chance it might broke, leaving you a Remains of Shattered Item.

To fix it, you simple double click the Broken Rare. This profession has a total of 10 levels, you current level will be displayed on the window after you double click the Broken Rare. Every level has different items which you can get from fixing the broken rares, from crates, reagents, gold ingots and Diamonds at the final level (~60% chances of creating about 100 diamonds from one broken rare).

To begin training, get the skills above to at least 50% each, but remember – the higher the better. To get 10th level you will need a lot of broken rares so be prepared.

The skill requirements are the following (50% min, all in one character):