Trainable by: Cartographer, Shipwright
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: blank maps, tattered maps
Used Stats: Intelligence
Used Tools: none
Title of the skill: Cartographer
Delay: none


Cartography is the most important skill for a Treasure Hunting. Cartography skill is used to decode tattered treasure maps, there are 6 levels of treasure maps, the maps can be fished up by Fishing skill, you can also find single maps in Monster Loot. Cartography is used only to decode and read map, to check where the location is, after that you will need additional skills to kill the monsters (for example: Provocation & Musicianship) and later Lockpicking & Remove Trap to open the chest with treasure. Because Treasure Hunting is the best profession in the whole game, here is a guide on how to train a Treasure Hunter char and then step by step how to begin Treasure Hunting.

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Note: Maps can be only dug up by the player who decoded them, every map is signed with name of player who decoded them, however, after you decode the maps, the skill isn’t needed/checked anymore, so as soon as you decode your maps, you can go dig the chest even with 0% of Cartography.



0-33% Vendor Train
33-40% Make Local Maps
40-60% Make Town Maps
60-80% Make World Maps
80-85% Decode 1st level of tattered maps
85-90% Decode 2nd level of tattered maps
90-95% Decode 3rd level of tattered maps
95-100% Decode 4th level of tattered maps