Some of the dungeons have bosses, these need to be killed in order to enterĀ Lord Blackthorn's Tomb.
Each of these bosses have a chance to drop a rare tile, there are 2 different tiles for each boss.

Some of the dungeon monsters also drop a key, this is currently being worked on.

Name Difficulty Monsters Boss
Despise Easiest Ettins, Trolls, Ogres and their stronger counterparts for lower levels The Troll King
Covetous Easy Harpies, Gazers, Gargoyles and harder casters for lower levels Eight Legged Freak
Wrong Medium Criminals (humans)
Deceit Medium Undead Poltergeist King
Wind Medium Vampire family Count Dracula
Shame Hard Elementals LeeLoo the Fifth Element
Destard Hard Dragons & Family The Evil Wyrm
Fire Dungeon Hard Fire monsters
Ice Dungeon Hard Ice monsters
Hythloth Hardest Daemons, Balrons & Family The Undead King