Trainable by: Fisherman, Shipwright, Librarian
Difficulty of training: easy
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: None
Used Stats: Dexterity
Used Tools: Fishing Pole
Title of the skill: Fisherman
Delay: none


Fishing is an easy skill to train and very profitable, at begin you fish only regular fishes which can be used for training Cooking skill. From 90% of the skill you also find Magic Fishes, then at 100% you begin fishing Treasure Maps which can be decoded with Cartography skill. Or you can just sell the maps, t-maps gives the best profit from fishing at general. At 120% you start fishing SOS Bottles, that’s a kind of Treasure Hunting on sea, which always include some random items such as pillows, shells, paintings, scrolls, gems, gold etc. and there is also a chance to find Vampire/Daemon/Balron bone parts. Also, SOS bottles have treasure guardians.

Fishing has been recently given a boost to make it more enjoyable. We now have a few different events where you can get some really nice stuff. The are 2 new updates:

  1. The first is being able to fish up old wet boots. When you fish these up, a message will appear saying they feel heavy and could have something inside. When you double click the boots you can get something valuable.
  2. The second new update is the inclusion of Fishing Net. These nets can be used to increase the amounts of fish, maps, etc that can be caught. There is a time limit per day on its usage. This net also has the ability to catch special fishing rares.

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Just keep fishing.