Trainable by: Mage, Librarian
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Dexterity, Strength
Used Tools: Bandages
Title of the skill: Healer
Delay: none


Healing is a necessary skill for all kind of PVP, PVM chars. Generally Healing let you heal with bandages, more Healing skill let you heal from lower HP, and more Anatomy skill to heal more HP at once. Speed of Healing depends of Dexterity, for example with 125 DEX, it takes about 10 seconds to heal yourself and 5 seconds to heal other player. More Dexterity also raises chance for cure while Poisoned. For Mages Healing is also useful, mainly to regen HP from Magic Clothes. Healing clothes works only if you have Healing skill, else HP regen slower then without clothes. There is a small chance to resurrect other player at 80% of Anatomy & Healing, this low chance becoming real at 90-95% of both skills.

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Keep Healing youself or your opponent . More Anatomy helps with faster gain of Healing. Last 5-10% of Healing Skill you can raise by keep trying to resurrecting a player ghost (the player have to click cancel every time you trying to resurrect him), or just by normal healing your sparring partner at VERY low HP.