Trainable by: Scribe, Librarian
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: Blank Scrolls, Yellow/Blue runes, Arcane Gems
Used Stats: Intelligence
Used Tools: Spellbook
Title of the skill: Scribe
Delay: 10 seconds


Inscription skill is used to scribe existing scrolls (from your spellbook), on blanks scrolls, a little amount of blanks scrolls can be bought at Scribe NPC, huge amounts you can get from Bowcraft/Fletching and Carpentry. Because scribing scrolls taking your mana, recommended is having a Meditation, and max possible Intelligence. As you can see below, Books are also craftable by inscription however, you don’t need mana to create them, empty spellbook must be bought to be filled with scrolls, those are not craftable. Headbook and Runebooks are completely made by inscription. You cannot take out scrolls or heads from Spellbook/Headbook, but you can take out runes from Runebooks. Runebooks also have charges of use, regular Runebook hold max 5 Recall Scrolls, so you can recall by using scroll, not regents. Blue Runebook has only one charge, and to recharge you have to use an Arcane Gem.

Inscription is also used to make Houses now. In order to have a chance to create a house, you must have over 105 skill in Inscription. The higher your skill, the bigger the house you have the ability to make. The best houses are random creations at 125 skill. It takes 7 blank scrolls to make a plan, with many failures. Once a plan is made, you must gather the materials in the plan to make the deed. The deed can then be placed.

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Name Used Mana Required Skill Required Materials
Full Spellbook (Blessed) 90%+ (to create every scroll) 64 Scrolls of every Spell
+ Empty Spellbook
Runebook 60%+ 1 Yellow rune,
8 Blank Scrolls,
1 Recall Scroll
1 Gate Scroll
Blue Runebook (Blessed) 101%+ 1 Arcane Gem,
1 Blue Rune
8 Blank Scrolls,
1 Recall Scroll
1 Gate Scroll
Headbook (Blessed) 90%+ 1 Player/NPC Head,
8 Blank Scrolls




Name Used Mana Required Skill Required Materials
1st Circle Scrolls 4 10% 1 Blank Scroll
2nd Circle Scrolls 6 20% 1 Blank Scroll
3rd Circle Scrolls 9 30% 1 Blank Scroll
4th Circle Scrolls 11 40% 1 Blank Scroll
5th Circle Scrolls 14 50% 1 Blank Scroll
6th Circle Scrolls 20 60% 1 Blank Scroll
7th Circle Scrolls 40 70% 1 Blank Scroll
8th Circle Scrolls 50 80% 1 Blank Scroll



0-33% Vendor Train
33-40% Scribe 3nd Circle Scrolls
40-50% Scribe 4th Circle Scrolls
50-60% Scribe 5th Circle Scrolls
60-70% Scribe 6th Circle Scrolls
70-90% Make Runebooks
90-100% Scribe 8th Circle Scrolls or make Headbooks