Level 2 Chests – The Creatures of the Night


The Guardians: troll
earth elemental
orc elite
Amount of The Guardians: 8-12
Required Cartography: 85%
Recommended Lockpicking: 40%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship: 60%
Recommended Remove Trap: 50%
Recommended Resisting Spells: 90%
Chests trap damage: ~100HP
Gems in chest: 15
Other possible rares to find in chest, on monsters: 2 Broken Rares, Recipes,
Monster Trophies, Masks,


Second Level is more challenging that the first level. The creatures that patrol this level are creatures that tend to be those that thrive in the darkness. Be on guard, this level is a combination of mage creatures and those that fight hand to hand. This level can be done by magery and provo characters fairly easily, but warriors might find things a bit more difficult. The best rare you can find on this level is probably the Lightning Tile, then Cigarettes and Drugs.

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List Of Level Two Rares

a Bag of Candy
Are you tired of smoking? here is something for you! a bag full of candies, contains 20 different candies, every one gives a different feeling while eaten. I will try to add a full list of candies assap.
a Crystal Ball of Length of Murder
This ball when used, will tell you how long time left to decay Long/Short Counts, basically used by Player Killers. 4 Hours = 1 Short Count, 8 Hours = 1 Long Count.
a Crystal Ball of Murder Counts
Red ball inform how many murder counts you have, you become red at 5 Short/Long counts, to get rid of murderer status you need to wait until 3 long and 4 short counts. This ball has been made to know when you can get ressed at normal healers, because if you get ressed at normal healer, or by a player with 4 and anything above long counts you will have a statloss, ~10% of all stats permanently dropped, there is only one place to get ressed without having a statloss while having 4+ long, which is Chaos Shrine (X=1949, Y=1387). Note that you can get statloss even being blue (if you have 4 long murdered counts).
Details:Drugs when used turning all items around you in special random colors, you can use the drugs also with a Bong. Names of drugs are chosen randomly and every drug visable on picture can have following names: Cannabis, From the stash of teppic, Ganja, Marijuana, Pot, Roll-me-up, Sweet Smelling Grass, Weed , Yes I cannabis.
Gloves of Bitchslapping Details:Use them other player to rorate him by 180 degres.
Gloves of Pushing Details:As the name says, target other player to “push” him, he will fall on the floor.
Gloves of Tagging Details:Available in two colors, black and white, to change the color you need to wear the gloves and use them on another player who also wears gloves of tagging.
Gloves of Zapping Details:Used on another player trow Lighting on him, which doesn’t do any damages.
a Magical Shroom Details:This Shroom when ate, turning all NPC characters around you (for a few seconds) into random Monsters and Animals.
a Robe of Deception Details:Changes sex when worn.
Tile of Lighting Details:Anyone that walk over this tile gets a Lighting (without damages).
Pack of Cigarettes Details:Wanna smoke? try Camel, Lucky Strike, Marlboro. Every pack include 20 cigarettes.