Level 5 Chests – The Creatures of Magery

The Guardians: balron
poisoned liche
acid elemental
ancient elemental
great wyrm
Amount of The Guardians: 7-12
Required Cartography: 100%
Recommended Lockpicking: 100%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship: 115%+
Recommended Remove Trap: 100%
Recommended Resisting Spells: 115%+
Chests trap damage: ~155HP
Gems in chest: 30
Other possible rares to find in chest, on monsters: 3 Broken Rares, Recipes,
Vampire/Deamon/Balron bone parts,
Bowls with food,
Potted Plants,
Magic jewels


The second to last level is extremely difficult and monitored by the creatures of magery. Evil beings whose very existence is borne through pure evil magic. The risks at this level are very great, but the rewards are even greater. You have a chance to find Balron Bone parts. The Fifth level has only one rare but you can also find rares from all lower levels. Chances for finding a rare are very low at this level.

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