Level 6 Chests – The Creatures of Mythology

The Guardians: Arcane Daemon, Gore Fiend,
Slepinir Ophidian, Ancient Elemental
Hellfire Elemental, Wailing Vampire, Crimson Dragon, Indomitable Gargoyle
Amount of The Guardians: 7-12
Required Cartography: 105%
Recommended Lockpicking: 110%
Recommended Provocation/Musicianship: 120%+
Recommended Remove Trap: 110%
Recommended Resisting Spells: 120%+
Chests trap damage: ~155HP
Gems in chest: 30
Other possible rares to find in chest, on monsters: 5 Broken Rares, Recipes,
Vampire/Daemon/Balron/Champion bone parts,
Bowls with food,
Potted Plants,
Magic jewels


The last level is without a doubt the hardest because of the guardians who up until now have only been heard of in tales from previous ages, their existence couldn’t even be confirmed until the first of the level 6 maps began appearing in mines all over Britannia. To complete this level, a high mining skill (100% if possible) is very helpful at this level. Because of the level of difficulty on this level, the gold, gems, semi rares, and other things correspond to the level. The sixth level has 18 rares(5 are parts of the new Champion Bone). Chances for finding a rare are near average.

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List Of Level Six Rares
      Gargoyle Pick-axe(gives a +5 bonus to mining, which can be used with mining jewels in order to mine Titan Ore. There is also a chance of mining elementals when using this and it has a random number of uses)Crystal Mortar(rare mortar used with the new alchemy system that creates new potions)Titan Hammer(gives a +5 bonus to BS and Arms Lore to allow the crafting of titan ingots)

Deed to a Hellspawn(deed to new ride that cannot be tamed)–(coming soon)

Bola Balls- used to unmount players from their horses

Invulnerability Potion(potion that gives 45 seconds-1 minute of invulnerability-can only be used rarely)

Champion Bone Helm/arms/tunic/gloves/legs

Surveyor’s tape- used to tell if a house can fit in an area or not

Furniture Dye- used to color up furniture in your house…there are two parts to using this…you have to find the Furniture Dye Tub and the Furniture Dyes to be able to use this

Insult Mirror- new designed mirror that hurls insults when double clicked

Stone of returning- a new rare that when in your bag at death, will return you to your body after you res.