Trainable by: Barkeep, Librarian
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Dexterity
Used Tools: Lockpicks
Title of the skill: Rogue
Delay: none


Lockpicking skill is mostly used by T-Hunters to open locked Treasure Chest, there is no other way to open T-Chest, so the skill is necessary. You can also open Locked Chests placed inside Dungeons, there are no chances to open any container that is crafted by a player and locked with key, you cannot open house doors either.

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First of all get a few lockpicks and Lockpinging jewel if possible, then go to place where T-Chest are spawned (for example X-Roads X=1012 Y=1937), pick a chest cast Magic Lock Spell on it and use lockpicks, if your lockpicks will break all the time change chest on another. Thats because there is 6 levels of treasure chest and if you dind’t dig up the chest, you don’t know which level it is so just keep testing.