This area has been redone and has a special set of monsters that tie into Lord Blackthorn. Lord Blackthorn himself drops great loot with new rare and semi rares that can only be found on him in game.

By killing each of the 7 bosses, you will be able to use the Blackthorn Tile to enter Lord Blackthorn’s Tomb (this can be found at the old entrance to the God’s Vault). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COLLECT ANYTHING TO USE THE ENTRANCE, ONLY KILL THE 7 BOSSES.

Also, you will be able to take your pets and up to 3 other players to hunt in this dungeon.

The list of bosses:

  • Eight Legged Freak (Covetous),
  • LeeLoo (Shame),
  • The Undead King (Hythloth),
  • Poltergeist King (Deceit),
  • The Evil Wyrm (Destard),
  • The Troll King (Despise),
  • Count Dracula (Wind),

The boss drops a certain rare only he drops.