Trainable by: Weaponsmith, Armorer, Blacksmith
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Strength(main), Dexternity
Used Tools: any Macefighting weapon
Title of the skill: Armsman
Delay: none


Macefighting is another fighting skill, but has way more use than other fighting skills because the skill can be used by Mages and Warriors. Macefighting weapons are not Poisonable, but for that they deal a lot more damages, some of Macefighting weapons also drain steam and damage your opponent armours. Mages can use staves, which also are Macefighting weapons, that way Mages can cast spells and do heavy damages by staff, but then hits dodging aren’t too good, Wrestling has a way better. No matter how will you use the skill but, you will need also Anatomy and Tactics to deal more damages, however for Staff-users it isn’t required to have the skills, but of course they are helpful. To see all possible Macefighting weapons check following sections: Blacksmithy, Carpentry and Tinkering.

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Vendor Train to 33%, keep sparring with anyone/anything by using a wooden/black staff, wand, or any other Macefighting weapon.

Note: All fighting skills gain faster having more Dexterity.