Trainable by: Mage, Librarian
Difficulty of training: hard
Better gain: without jewel
Used Materials: Reagents or Scrolls
Used Stats: Intelligence
Used Tools: Spellbook
Title of the skill: Mage
Delay: none


Magery skill is the most usefull skill in the whole game, mainly used for casting spells such as: Recall, Gate Travel, Protection, Bless … (there are 64 Spells placed in 8 circles). For casting spells you need a spellbook & scrolls, reagents and mana, mana is an energy which depends on your Intelligence (50 int = 50 mana) every circle takes different amount of mana (from 4 to 50), once you cast a spell and lose your mana, you can regenerate by using Meditation skill, without Meditation skill mana regen very slowly. Scrolls can be found in Monster Loot or bought from Scribe NPC and all possible scrolls can be created by Inscription skill. The scrolls have two types of use, first you can just double click the scroll to cast a spell, it doesn’t require any reagents, but then your scroll have just one use, after you cast a spell its scroll dissappears. Second way is placing a scroll inside Spellbook and it stays there permanently, you can cast unlimited amount of this spell now, but you need the reagents, you’ll find the reagents at NPC Mages, Alchemists or you can harvest them (at least 50% Lumberjacking skill needed). As new player you should buy full spellbook from other players/vendors, it’s much easier at the beggining, full spellbook costs about 20k gp, an empty spellbook can be found at Scribe NPC vendor. To make your spells stronger you should have also Evaluating Intelligence skill. And the last part, Magery skill lets craft Magic Items, at least 80% of the Magery mixed with Tinkering lets craft randomly magic jewels and with Tailoring magic clothes.

Note: Having more Magery makes your spells stronger, same goes with Evaluating Intelligence.

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Name Price at NPC vendor Where to buy/find
Blood Moss 6gp NPC Mage, Monster Loot
Black Pearl 6gp NPC Mage, Monster Loot
Garlic 3gp NPC Mage, Alchemists, Monster Loot, Harvesting farmlands
Ginseng 3gp NPC Mage, Alchemists, Monster Loot, Harvesting farmlands
Mandrake Root 3gp NPC Mage, Monster Loot, Harvesting farmlands
Nightshade 3gp NPC Mage, Alchemists, Monster Loot, Harvesting farmlands
Spider’s Silk 3gp NPC Mage, Alchemists, Monster Loot, by skinning a spider
Sulphurous Ash 3gp NPC Mage, Monster Loot, by skinning a snake



Spell Name Words of Power Minimum Skill Used Reagents Used Mana
First Circle:
Clumsy Uus Jux 0.1% 4
Create Food In Mani Ylem 0.1% 4
Feeblemind Rel Wis 0.1% 4
Heal In Mani 0.1% 4
Magic Arrow In Por Ylem 0.1% 4
Night Sight In Lor 0.1% 4
Reactive Armor Flam Sanct 0.1% 4
Weaken Des Mani 0.1% 4
Second Circle:
Agility Ex Uus 0.1% 6
Cunning Uus Wis 0.1% 6
Cure An Nox 0.1% 6
Harm An Mani 0.1% 6
Magic Trap In Jux 0.1% 6
Remove Trap An Jux 0.1% 6
Protection Uus Sanct 0.1% 6
Strength Uus Mani 0.1% 6
Third Circle:
Bless Rel Sanct 10.1% 9
Fireball Vas Flam 10.1% 9
Magic Lock An Por 10.1% 9
Poison In Nox 10.1% 9
Telekinesis Ort Por Ylem 10.1% 9
Teleport Rel Por 10.1% 9
Unlock Ex Por 10.1% 9
Wall of Stone In Sanct Ylem 10.1% 9
Fourth Circle:
Archcure Vas An Nox 24.1% 11
Archprotection Vas Uus Sanct 24.1%
Curse Des Sanct 24.1% 11
Fire Field In Flam Grav 24.1% 11
Greater Heal In Vas Mani 24.1%
Lightning Por Ort Grav 24.1% 11
Mana Drain Ort Rel 24.1% 11
Recall Kal Ort Por 24.1% 11
Fifth Circle:
Blade Spirits In Jux Hur Ylem 38.1% 14
Dispel Field An Grav 38.1%
Incognito Kal In Ex 38.1% 14
Magic Reflection In Jux Sanct 38.1% 14
Mind Blast Por Corp Wis 38.1%
Paralyze An Ex Por 38.1% 14
Poison Field In Nox Grav 38.1% 14
Summon Creature Kal Xen 38.1% 14
Sixth Circle:
Dispel An Ort 52.1% 20
Energy Bolt Corp Por 52.1% 20
Explosion Vas Ort Flam 52.1% 20
Invisibility An Lor Xen 52.1% 20
Mark Kal Por Ylem 52.1% 20
Mass Curse Vas Des Sanct 52.1%
Paralyze Field In Ex Grav 52.1% 20
Reveal Wis Quas 52.1% 20
Seventh Circle:
Chain Ligthning Vas Ort Grav 66.1%
Energy Field In Sanct Grav 66.1%
Flamestrike Kal Vas Flam 66.1% 40
Gate Travel Vas Rel Por 66.1% 40
Mana Vampire Ort Sanct 66.1%
Mass Dispell Vas An Ort 66.1%
Meteor Swarm Kal Des Flam Ylem 66.1%
Polymorph Vas Ylem Rel 66.1% 40
Earthquake In Vas Por 80.1%
Energy Vortex Vas Corp Por 80.1%
Resurrection An Corp 80.1% 50
Summon Air Elemental Kal Vas Xen Hur 80.1% 50
Summon Daemon Kal Vas Xen Corp 80.1%
Summon Earth Elemental Kal Vas Xen Ylem 80.1% 50
Summon Fire Elemental Kal Vas Xen Flam 80.1%
Summon Water Elemental Kal Vas Xen An Flam 80.1% 50

Note: “Minimum Skill” is just theoretic, don’t try to train Magery this way, you’re gonna waste 90% of your regs. This % indicates the ability to cast those spells at all!



0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Teleport
50-60% Recall
60-70% Incognito
70-87% Reveal
87-97% Polymorph
97-100% Resurrection

This is the best way of training, if you are training only Magery and you don’t need Resisting Spells or Healing skills, the spells will not hurt you, so there is no need to heal. If you’re looking for guide how to train Magery and Resisting Spells together, check Resisting Spells section.



0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Any Spell from Third Circle
50-60% Any Spell from Fourth Circle
60-70% Any Spell from Fifth Circle
70-87% Any Spell from Sixth Circle
87-97% Any Spell from Seventh Circle
97-100% Any Spell from Eighth Circle

Warning: Don’t cast area/summon spells such as: Fire Field, Blade Spirits, Poison Field, Mass Curse, Chain Lightning, Mass Dispell, Meteor Swarm, Earthquake, Energy Vortex in guarded areas – these spells may target anyone around you and make you “criminal”.