Trainable by: Blacksmith
Difficulty of training: Easy
Better gain: With jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Strength
Used Tools: Pickaxe, Hammer Pick, Shovel
Title of the skill: Miner
Delay: none


Mining is another boring gathering skill, but at least very profitable, with +25% Mining jewel, without any doubt this is the most profitable skill in whole game. There is 30 types of Ores/Ingots to find, from Iron to Titan. You can also mine by using a Shovel on swamp (to get clay), or on desert (to get sand), you have to smelt sand into glass before you can use it, (requires at least 40% Tinkering). Mining skill is handly also with digging a chest by Treasure Hunter, every 10% of mining let you mine 1 tile far away from the chest.

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Keep mining.