Trainable by: Barkeep
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: Poison Potions
Used Stats: Dexterity
Used Tools: none
Title of the skill: Assassin
Delay: 10 seconds


Poisoning skill is used to apply poison potions on weapons or food, but Poisoning food doesn’t work to good on Neverlands. You can apply poison on weapons of Fencing and Swordsmanship skills. Poisoning skill also support Poison Spell, makes it stronger and more effective. Kind of Poison you can cast on your target depends mostly of Poisoning, of your Magery/Evaluating Intelligence and of amount of your target Resisting Spells skills. But generally if you have at least 80% Magery and Evaluating Intelligence, your Poison Spell will become stronger at following levels: 0-50% – Lesser Poison, 55% – Normal Poison, 84% – Greater Poison, 95%+ – Deadly Poison (Deadly posion works only on people with low Resisting Spells skill).

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Name Required Skill
to Create
Required Skill
to apply
Required Materials
to Create
Lesser Poison Potion 0% Alchemy 33% Poisoning 1 empty bottle, 1 nightshade
Normal Poison Potion 15% Alchemy 50% Poisoning 1 empty bottle, 2 nightshades
Greater Poison Potion 55% Alchemy 70% Poisoning 1 empty bottle, 4 nightshades
Deadly Poison Potion 90% Alchemy 95% Poisoning 1 empty bottle, 8 nightshades
Lethal Poison Potion 125% Alchemy 125% Poisoning 1 empty bottle, 12 nightshades



0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Keep applying Lesser Poison on your weapon
50-70% Keep applying Normal Poison on your weapon
70-95% Keep applying Greater Poison on your weapon
95-100% Keep applying Deadly Poison on your weapon