Trainable by: Bard, Librarian
Difficulty of training: hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Dexterity, Intelligence
Used Tools: any instrument
Title of the skill: Bard
Delay: 10 seconds


Provocation is an awesome PVM skill, very handly on Treasure Hunting, but not only. Having a Musicianship is required to provoke monsters. Chances of provoking monsters depends of both these skills. 115% of Provocation and Musicianship working perfectly with all levels of Treasure Monsters (100% chances), but for stonger monsters such as: Elder Wyrms, Black Wisp, Balron, Devilspawn you need a bit more of these skills.

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0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Bears, Dire Wolves
50-60% Horses, Forest Ostards
60-70% Special Ostards
70-80% Ogre Lords, Special Llamas
80-90% Dread Spiders, Liche Lords
90-100% Stallions, Mustangs


ALTERNATIVE WAY (for Treasure Hunters)

0-33% Vendor Train
33-50% Bears, Dire Wolves
50-70% 1st Level of Treasure Monsters
70-80% 2nd Level of Treasure Monsters
80-90% 3rd Level of Treasure Monsters
90-100% 4th/5th Level of Treasure Monsters


Note: Try to GM Musicianship before you begin training Provocation. To train the skill use the best possible Provocation/Musicianship jewels you can afford, as soon as you reach 110% with jewel on, begin training on Great Wyrms/Rogue Knights, from 115% on Dread Lords, Drakes, and from 120% to 125% on Daemons/Death Knights. You can train also on Mustangs from 100% to 125% (or till 100% without any jewels) but this way is a lot slower.