Trainable by: Mage, Librarian
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: without jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Intelligence
Used Tools: none
Title of the skill: Mage
Delay: none


Resisting Spells is another very useful for all kind of chars, Resisting Spells lowering a bit damages of every offensive spell cast on you, and besides that the skill increases the chance of “Resisting” offensive spells, if you success the spell takes only 1/3 of total damages. Its highly recommended to have Resisting Spells skill on every char and damn hard to train but, believe me its worth it.

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HOW TO TRAIN (with 33% of Magery, Resisting Spells, Meditation)

You will need the following things to begin training:

  1. at least 300 skillcap (400 recommended for Magery, Meditation, Resisting Spells, and Evaluating Intelligence – all those skills gain points while training Resisting Spells, after you GM it you can delete these skills but you need them for training),
  2. a full spellbook,
  3. a runebook to mages/alchemist,
  4. loads of cash for regents (something about 350k gp in total),
  5. also helpful will be a Meditation jewel (the best possible you can afford),
  6. and Mana Regeneration Clothing.
  7. A lot of time, remember this is a very hard skill to train, so be prepared.

To start training you’ll need at least 50% of Magery (check Magery section), you should also raise your Intelligence, you’ll need at least 50. Getting from 33% to 77% will hurt a lot so you will also need to raise your Strength to at least 60 (80 recommended, Mining is the best way). After doing all of this you can scroll down and begin the training.

Note: Don’t train Resist inside a guarded area, some of the spells I picked up will turn you grey and you can get killed by the guards. The best place for training is your own house.

Note 2: Mana Regeneration clothes can be worn at following levels od Meditation skill: Learned 45%, Seer 60%, Soothsayer 75%, Oracle 90%. If you wear, for example, an Oracle of Mana Regeneration while having only 33% of Meditation your mana will regen much slower than without the cloth so watch out.

0-33% Vendor Train
33-46% Fire Field, Poison
46-76% Poison Field,
76-86% Mass Curse, Explo, Ebolt
86-100% Mana Vampire, Flamestrike

Note 3: First you should reach GM of Evaluating Intelligence, then Magery and then Resist, Meditation at the end. If you want to GM Meditation faster check Meditation section. As soon as you reach 100% of Resist, you can delete the other skills you don’t need.