These are a list of events we currently have in game for players(still adding more all the time):

Non PVP Events:

Tinkering Tourney(players compete to see who can make the most magic jewels using the materials given to them)

Crafting Race(2 person team event to create all items on a list, players have to gather all resources to make the list)

Race Event(players compete to see who can finish the two track race first)

Boat Race(players are given a boat and a location and must gather items from each of the locations at sea and return it all to the final location to win)

Scavenger Hunt(players must gather all items hidden throughout the world and return it first to win)

Monster Bash(players battle the forces of evil to earn gold and prizes)

Fishing Tourney(players fish for a certain amount of time, and the player who gets the most points based off the items they catch wins)

Egg Hunt(players hunt a hidden egg that is hidden somewhere in the world)

Chess Tourney(tourney to see who is the best at chess)

Slot Tourney(tourney to see who is the luckiest at playing slots)

Monster Scavenger Hunt(players are in a PVM event where they have to kill monsters at locations hidden throughout the world and get the loot item from the monster they kill, then collect items from all monsters and return to the final location)

Naked Dungeon Crawl(players race through a dungeon with only a loin cloth and a smile, first one through the gate wins)

Moonlight Event(players hunt monsters ANYWHERE in the world during this timed event and have the chance to find rares…this event is always held on Sunday mornings(my time) around 8:00 A.M. EST.)

Freeze Tag(team event where players try to freeze all the players on the other team…..they can unfreeze members of their own team by slapping them or freeze the other team by slapping them)

Stealing Tournies(person who steals the most items in the time is the winner)


PVP Events:

Siege(team event where one side tries to kill all the players on the opposing side….first team to win 2 out of 3, 3 out of 4, etc wins)

CTF/Capture the Flag(team event where the object is to capture the opposing team’s flag by taking it back to your base and killing anyone holding your flag……first team to capture the other teams flag X amount of times wins)

Headless Basketball(timed team event where you try and kill players on the other team, cut off their head, and put it in your goal…team with the highest score at the end of the time wins)

Battle Royale(players are sent to an area with chests with random weapons, armor, regs and they have to get what they can and kill everyone else….player versus everyone, last man standing wins)

Last Man Standing(players are given equipment and are sent to the arena to battle it out against a group of other players…last man standing wins)

Camp versus camp(teams of 3-4 are given their own areas to harvest regs, mine and craft weapons, and attack other camps….the last team standing wins)

1 versus 1 tourney( there areĀ 5 types of 1v1 events…..mage(only mage equipment is provided), warrior(only warrior equipment provided), open tourney(both sets of equipment are provided), UFC/wrestling(hand to hand combat with no weapons, potions, or bandages), and self quip(you bring your own equipment(two types of this tournament- looting and no looting….looting means the person who wins gets EVERYONES loot and anything can be brought in, except hide fish…no looting means nothing can be taken and winner gets a trophy)

2v2 and 3v3 tourney(team battles with provided quip)


Roleplaying events(roleplaying event where anything can happen….if you need to know what roleplaying is, click here


The times for these events will be announced during the week at different times for players in Europe, Australia, South America, and North America so keep an eye out for the times. Also, we will be hosting “quickee” events randomly that are not in those types of events. We want to start doing more events to give you guys more things to do!