Trainable by: Barkeep
Difficulty of training: very hard
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Dexterity, Intelligence
Used Tools: none
Title of the skill: Rogue
Delay: 15 seconds


Stealing skill allows you to steal items from other players, stolen item is chosed randomly, if you want to chose which item you want to take, you should also train Snooping. As pure Thief, you should also think about having Hiding, to steal while being hiden, or hide from guards when you fail and become criminal. Stealth is also helpful, to follow your target while being hidden, or escape. With Stealing skill you can also steal “Stealable Artifacts” (at least 120%).

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The best way is to find another person who also training Stealing, place some items in your backpack (tables, kegs, regs…) then keep stealing each other, if you notice that you dont gain too good anymore, get heavier item, or find partner with higher Intelligence/Stealing, because chances of Stealing depends of them but, don’t expect too much gains, Stealing is damn hard skill, personally i think training Stealing till GM is waste of time, get 70-80% and max INT/DEX, should work well, but you need to know, that chances of Stealing from person who has more Stealing than you (by 10% or more), are none.