Trainable by: Weaponsmith, Armorer, Blacksmith
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: none
Used Stats: Strength(main), Dexterity
Used Tools: any Swordsmanship weapon
Title of the skill: Swordsman
Delay: none


Swordsmanship is most used fighting skill on Neverlands, that’s because Swordsmanship deals huge damages and weapons of sms are Poisonable. Halberd is most used sms weapon, and it’s two-handed. Most of Axes (Blacksmithy section) are using sms, so if you want to use Lumberjacking damages bonus, you should have the skill.

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Vendor Train to 33%, keep sparring with anyone/anything by using a butcher knife, skinning knife, katana or any other Swordsmanship weapon.

Note: All fighting skills gain faster having more Dexterity.