Trainable by: Tailor, Weaver, Leatherworker, Librarian
Difficulty of training: high
Better gain: with jewel
Used Materials: Bolt of Cloth, Cut Cloth, Hides
Used Stats: Dexterity
Used Tools: Sewing Kit, Scissors
Title of the skill: Tailor
Delay: none


Tailoring is a great skill, besides regular clothing you can also make Magic Clothes, there are 5 types of magic cloth and 5 levels. Generally almost all items made of cloth can be magic (you can see detailed informations about items in table below). To make magic clothes you need ta least 80% Magery, and 80% Tailoring skills, more of these skills raise chance of making magic clothes. Tailoring for Magic Cothes is very profitable, you earn money just from crafting regular items, and selling them to NPC vendor, so all the Magic clothes you made are “for free” – of course I mean buying bolts of cloth, it can become even more profitable if you make bolts of cloth youself by harvesting flax from farms. You will need about 60k of hides to GM Tailoring, hides are hard to get, you can buy them at 50-60gp each from other players, or go to spawn with Hinds & Great Harts, they give a lot of hides. Two examples of spawn: (X=1326 Y=2233 – East from the Maze), (X=1259 Y=1666 – Britain Farmlands). To see full list of hides click here.
Note: To identify Magic Clothes you will need Item Identification (33% seems to be enough at begin), Magic Clothes cannot be worn if not identified.

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Item Name Required Skill Resources Needed If Can be Magic
Backpack n/a 4 Hides No
Bag n/a 2 Hides No
Pouch n/a 2 Hides No
Female Leather n/a 8 Hides No
Female Studded n/a 10 Hides No
Leather Bustier n/a 6 Hides No
Leather Shorts n/a 8 Hides No
Leather Skirt n/a 6 Hides No
Studded Bustier n/a 4 Hides No
Bandana n/a 2 Cloth Yes
Bonnet n/a 3 Cloth Yes
Cap n/a 3 Cloth Yes
Feathered Hat n/a 3 Cloth Yes
Floppy Hat n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Jester Hat n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Skullcap n/a 2 Cloth Yes
Tricorne Hat n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Wide-Brim Hat n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Leather Cap n/a 2 Hides No
Leather Gloves n/a 6 Hides No
Leather Gorget n/a 4 Hides No
Leather Leggings n/a 10 Hides No
Leather Sleeves n/a 8 Hides No
Leather Tunic n/a 12 Hides No
Bandage n/a 2 Cloth No
Body Sash n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Full Apron n/a 10 Cloth Yes
Half Apron n/a 6 Cloth Yes
Oil Cloth n/a 1 Cloth,
2 Greater Cure pots
Kilt n/a 8 Cloth Yes
Long Pants n/a 8 Cloth Yes
Short Pants n/a 6 Cloth Yes
Skirt n/a 4 Cloth Yes
Fancy Dress n/a 12 Cloth Yes
Plain Dress n/a 10 Cloth Yes
Robe n/a 16 Cloth Yes
Cloak n/a 12 Cloth Yes
Doublet n/a 8 Cloth Yes
Fancy Shirt n/a 8 Cloth Yes
Shirt n/a 8 Cloth Yes
Surcoat n/a 10 Cloth No
Tunic n/a 12 Cloth No
Tunic (Jester suit) n/a 14 Cloth No
Leather Boots n/a 8 Hides No
Sandals n/a 4 Hides No
Shoes n/a 6 Hides No
Thigh Boots n/a 10 Hides No
Studded Gloves n/a 8 Hides No
Studded Gorget n/a 6 Hides No
Studded Leggings n/a 12 Hides No
Studded Sleeves n/a 10 Hides No
Studded Tunic n/a 14 Hides No

 Note: “Required skill” – This is minimal skill you need to craft these items.



0-33% Vendor Train
33-40% Fancy Shirts
40-55% Cloaks
55-75% Robes
75-95% Studded Bustiers
95-100% Studded Tunics